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Are Software Developers more important than Software Testers

May 1, 2017

Software Testing is as important as Software Development in the Software Development Life Cycle Thousands of students and career aspirants have told me that they are not interested in Software Testing as a career. Upon further inquiry and questioning, most have told me that they are not keen on Software Testing as a career because […]

Why companies look for Software testers to test software over software developers?

January 13, 2017

#software tester #software testing The market of software Development Company was soaring in the sky for many years, but what was there which forced them to land from the sky. Companies worked on finding out why it happened. With what conclusion they had come out was lacking of software testing resulted in error some software […]

Manual Software Testing Training – Get it Right for the First Time

October 19, 2016

Manual testing requires a trained tester who needs to test the application before it goes into the hands of the end-user. The role of a software tester is like a goal keeper in a football match. If a goal keeper doesn’t catch the goals, entire team loses. Similarly, if the manual tester fails to detect […]

Training in Software Testing – How to Start Career in Software Testing?

October 14, 2016

Are you a fresher and looking out for an interesting field in information technology or want to shift your career in something else besides to what you are doing right now? Then, let me tell you that Software Testing would be just perfect for you as it is the most demanded position in corporate level […]

Tips on How to Select Between Software Testing and Automation Testing for Testing Project

February 11, 2015

It is proved that testing is a must do procedure of the software development life cycle to deliver a defect free product which attracts and retain customer with your software. Defect free software is the key toss customer satisfaction and increasing selling of your product. Systems are needed to be a bug free, especially those […]

Career Options after Completing Software Testing Training

January 8, 2015

IT students are being skeptical when it comes to the software testing career opportunities. They are scared about the future of software testing career due to some rumors that have been spreading these days. I come across this as there are many students who come to us for software testing training and ask about the […]