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    Windows 8 Application Development

    Windows 8, the latest heart throb in the cosmos of techies has truly turned the world towards its side.

    Windows XP and Windows 2000 are passé. Plunge to the front and watch the sheer magic of Microsoft’s latest release. Application development for Microsoft gets its new definition; credits Windows8.

    Finally, there is an unquestionable response to the ever growing interest of the public in tablets, All-in-One desktops and all other glamorous gadgets. Windows 8 boasts of beta version that showcases the advanced features with a completely redesigned operating system. The OS exhibits touch screen sensibilities as well as near-instant-on capabilities. Windows 8 is surely going to freak out its users through its interactive User Interface as the designers have tremendously worked on its “Modern UI-style” design.

    It’s advanced UI style is super cool!
    The Modern UI style interface in Windows 8 is something that adds to the zing of this latest product. It can be seen as a personalized layout with edgy typography and clean animations to make user interaction, a sheer pleasure. The new interface is here wherein a single touch can do what you want it to do smoothly and naturally.

    Apps, apps…& apps!
    The most advanced UI style applications act as the focal point of user experience because of the intuitive nature and high-end form of sophisticated beauty, they bring about. Windows8 applications are developed in such a fashion so as to immerse the user into a phase where there are no distractions.

    …And it’s all about reforms and adaptations! Windows8 applications can smoothly adapt to varied form factors and screen resolutions, such as large monitors or thin slates, and can work on x86, x64, and ARM platforms.

    Those sophisticated engineers and designers were already aware about how the world works and therefore took special care about the ability of applications to work together; thus making it easy for users to search, share, and send content between the complex maze of various applications.

    As the user is connected to the internet, the applications come alive and update the user with the latest content. And things don’t end in here! Windows 8 helps you develop significant applications you need for your daily-to-day life, including that much desired touch browser.

    The innovative usage of apps in Windows8 promises to be one of the most important changes in the architecture of the internet for the coming decade and will impact nearly every techno world around the globe.

    Truly, Windows8 is actually a complex stuff aesthetically wrapped in the simplest body. It provides you with full UI control as it conveys the most intricate piece of information in the simplest fashion. Those who have felt this elegant release by Microsoft can actually experience the fluid and intuitive interaction and navigation with a slightest touch.

    HTML5…has to be there!
    The massive potential reflected by HTML5 for application development bounds biggies like Microsoft and Google to heighten the extensive promotion of the same.

    The “Modern U.I. Style” also welcomes an entirely new software ecosystem as it commands the development of apps created specifically for the new tile-based gleaming interface.

    Niral Modi

    Niral Modi is the CEO of TOPS Technologies - The best IT Training company in Gujarat - TOPS Technologies offers Training and Job Placement Solutions in Java, Python, PHP, Web Design, Graphic Design, Hardware Networking and a lot more.

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