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Why Android is the Best for Final Year Project Development?

Nowadays students derive their selection on mobile application development for a final year project. As there is a large group of students who possess aspiration to develop their career as a mobile application developer. But they get confused at some extent, like which would be better technology for developing a final year project: iOS or Android?

I am sure you are here to read my article to solve out your dilemma, and from my perspective, I would say android is good for students to develop a final year project. Once you will go through my article you also will be agreed with my words.

Android Live Project Training for Final Year Students

Android is leading the market:

If we compare the growth of rivals in the Asian market, there is a clear win of the Android over iPhone. Only China is using 90% mobile phones running on the Android operating system. But the surprising report is that Android has dominated U.S market over iOS. U.S is using almost 52% mobile phone running on Android OS, on the other side iOS running on 37% mobile phones. It means having the vision with Android gives you bright future not only in the Asia, but the U.S country is also opening the way for the Android application developer.

Easily adaptable for students:

If you want to develop a final year project in an Android, you need to have a knowledge of Java, which students have already learnt during the college time. This is the reason why it’s easily adaptable for students. When we look at the other side to develop a final year project in an iPhone, you must need to learn objective C. This required time to adapt it, as college syllabus does not cover an Objective C.

Flexible surrounding of android offers ease:

1. Android will offer you a wider open environment that permit you to publish the data through one application and allow you to use it in other application, whereas in iOS application, there are some regulations which limits you to use the other apps data to another application.

2. A consciousness of the Google to keep the Android apps updated offers you resourceful development tools, the commanding SDK (Software Development Kit). This advancement lets you create an exclusive and inventive application.

3. Compatibility: The different application developed by two different manufacturers can be compatible with a single android device. It means you can have no any limitation in developing a unique application in Android.

Earn Easily:

The application that you develop using Android can be easily uploaded to Google play store or you can target users by uploading it on Play store which demands no single buck, no licensing and no approval. Just create an app, complete presentation in college and then upload it for users. If your application gets the huge users, you may earn bucks from your Android app.

When we look at the iPhone application you need to pass out the strict regulation of the iPhone App store. Where there is quite equal chance to get accepted or rejected. This takes almost 3 to 4 weeks with no any assurance that your app will be accepted.

Wrap up:

Android gives a bright career opportunity in India as well outside of the India, offers you high scalability to play with the Android code to give something distinctive without any limitation, offers you an opportunity to earn bucks yourself by uploading apps in Google play store or Play store. No extra expense on deploying Android OS which runs on any platform, no any extra expense in learning any specialized language.

There are so many companies which are developing mobile applications using the Android OS and providing final year project training to the students.

TOPS technologies is one of the best Android application development company who is providing final year project training to the students from any I.T background. TOPS Technologies has more than 22 branches across the India. You can visit to your nearer branch for further information on Android project training.

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