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Who is Eligible to Pursue a Software Testing Course and What Should you Know?

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Niral Modi

Last Updated: 01 Nov 2022

When it comes to who can pursue a software testing course, then I would say “software testing is the game of mind, not a game of coding”. The software testing profession is open for any graduate. Any graduate student can enroll the Software Testing Course in Ahmedabad. No matter he/she belongs from B.A, B.Com, or B.E background.

Software testing is the process of evaluating a software product by learning about the product's quality and usability. The goal of software testing is to find bugs in a program, which are also called defects. A defect can be anything from a minor error to a major bug that prevents the program from running correctly. Software testing can be done at various levels, including unit testing, integration testing, system testing and acceptance testing.

It depends on person to person, how they approach software testing and how they learn it. In software testing course a person required to learn exploration, asking questions to investigate problem area, identifying problems in the system, writing the bug report. This shows that the job profile is not completely correlated to computer science, it mostly relies on the exploration.

Here below are the skills that you need to have to be a good software tester, you can compare that which skills you have and which not. The majority of yes signals you that software testing is really for you, you can be a good software tester.

Analytic Skills:

Analytical skills are the most important skills for the software testers. They need to have a deep understanding of how the software works and what are the possible things that can go wrong with it.

Software testers need to have analytical skills in order to understand how software is being used and what are the possible issues that can arise during its usage. It is not just about finding bugs or errors, but also about understanding why they happen and what needs to be done so that they do not happen again.

The ability to visualize the problem is complicated or uncomplicated, if the problem is complicated then you should have an ability to divide it in small units to better understand it and create equivalent test cases. Here below I have given one example to check your analytical skills. Try to solve yourself, then check the solution.


There are three boxes. First is labeled with “Apples”, second is labeled with “Oranges” and third is labeled with “Oranges and Apples”. You know that each of is labeled with the incorrect name. You may ask me to pick one fruit from one box which you choose? And how you will label the boxes correctly?


Pick from the box labeled "Apples & Oranges". This box must have either only apples or only oranges. E.g. if you find an Orange, label the box Orange, then change the Oranges box to Apples, and the Apples box to "Apples & Oranges."

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Technical skills:

In order to become a software tester, one must have a background in programming and computer science. This is because testing requires knowledge of how the program interacts with the computer, as well as how it works.

Programming skills are essential for software testers because they need to be able to know what is happening in the program and how to interact with it. They need to know what is going on under the hood and be able to identify potential errors or bugs that would affect the user's experience.

You must have an expertise in MS office that is used to create reports, have expertise in software testing tools like Selenium, Jmeter, Load runner and many more. The ability to deeply understand the product/application. To acquire these skills you can join the best institute which provides you a comprehensive training to develop these skills.

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Good Verbal and Written Communication Skills: The significance of good verbal and written communication skills is crucial in order to become a software tester. This is because testers need to be able to communicate with the developers, project managers, and customers in order to identify bugs and work on fixing them.

A software tester needs to have good verbal and written communication skills so that they can communicate with the developers, project managers, and customers in order to identify bugs and work on fixing them. This is important because it helps the company save time by avoiding misunderstandings or miscommunications.

A software tester needs to deal with developers by creating a report of bugs which demands writing skill. You should acquire written skill that you can easily convey developer about the bugs that you have found out in the system. Sometime you need to communicate with developers to convey some errors in the system which is not possible to convey by reports which demands verbal communication skills.


Productivity is a key factor in becoming a software tester. It is important to have a high level of productivity in order to be able to complete all tasks efficiently. A good way to increase productivity and efficiency is by creating a list of priorities for the day, week, or month. This will help you stay on top of your work and ensure that you are completing the tasks that are most important first.

You should have the time management skills and ability to work under pressure. It is not like you are going to work all time under pressure as a software tester. But sometimes, especially at the time of release code, you may need to work under work load. You should have an ability to deal with such a condition.

Great Attitude:

A great attitude is a key factor in becoming a software tester. As a software tester, you are expected to be able to analyze the system and find out what is wrong with it. You also have to be able to report the bugs that you find in the system and work with other people on fixing them.

The most important thing about being a software tester is your attitude. Software testers are expected to be able to take constructive criticism and not take it personally. They should also be able to work well in an environment where they are constantly being critiqued by other people, this means that they should have an open mind and not get defensive when someone points out their mistakes.

You must hold the attitude to deal with software testing task like break to test, ever time ready to learn something new, the ability to suggest required process improvements and learn process improvements, if required. New applications and technology evolving these days, which demands you to keep yourself updated to test any application with any of the technology.


Passion is a key factor in order to become a software tester. Software testers need to have a strong passion for the product they are testing. In order to develop this passion, software testers need to understand the target audience and focus on what they believe in.

Software testers are crucial for the quality of any project as they are responsible for finding bugs and defects before the product is released. It is essential that software testers be passionate about their work because they will find it more enjoyable and less stressful if they love what they do.

“Follow your passion, success will follow you”, it’s very famous wording. This makes clear sense that if you want to gain success you must have passion about whatever you are pursuing. If you feel that you are actually passionate about software testing, you must run with it. If not, think about the other option.

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