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    Which IT Company Gives The Best Training to Freshers?

    Most of the freshers after completion of their studies either begin their job search or go for further training at IT companies for industrial training which can provide them a better understanding of the industrial processes. Freshers are always in awe that training at the best IT companies in their initial phase of career will get them better employment chances in the near future.

    A number of companies today are offering IT training to the freshers. There are top IT companies like TCS, Wipro, Infosys, Cognizant etc. which provide training to freshers in the initial phase of their career. These companies provide training to freshers initially and then conduct examination on passing which the student will then be hired for an internship training program at the company where he/she will be provided a low stipend income with training in which the freshers would be required to work on real client projects.

    One of the drawbacks that prevail here is that the freshers here are made to work only on specific modules or areas of work as per the requirements of the firm and hence the trainee gets limited knowledge during the training.

    A better idea of training for freshers after completion of their studies is to join a reputed local IT company that can provide professional training. There are IT companies which though not so well known as the above mentioned firms can provide excellent job oriented training to the freshers so that they can be trained for the industrial work.

    With a training course designed with full-fledged curriculum these companies offer all-round training to the students so that they can gain complete knowledge of the subject. It’s always better idea to select those IT firms that provide training on latest technologies and advancements. For example, if a company provides training on PHP 3 and other provides training on PHP 5 then opting for PHP 5 Training is definitely a good choice.

    Now-a-days there are IT companies that provide training cum placement programs as well. These companies offer training to the students initially and then will also assist them in getting jobs in reputed companies, exactly different from the companies mentioned above which train students for placements only in their firm. Such firms do not offer any placement assistance to students in other companies. Hence it is better to look out for the IT company that provides training cum placement program so that you can easily learn as well as get placed in a reputed company after the training is completed.

    TOPS Technologies is one such IT company in India offering training cum placement services to the freshers. The company also provides outsourcing and development services to the businesses. Hence at TOPS, training to freshers is offered on the basis of these real-time practices and procedures that are adopted in our actual development services. So the students get a benefit of learning real-time and advanced methodologies as adopted in actual practices at companies and hence they are prepared for the jobs.

    General Questions About Our Training Courses

    Do you guarantee that I will get a job after completing my training?

    Yes, we guarantee that you will get placed in a company. Our courses are designed in a way that ensures that you learn the fundamentals and essential technical skills.

    Will TOPS Technologies provide me with a certificate?

    Yes! TOPS Technologies will provide you with a certificate after you successfully complete your training course. This will help you land a rewarding job that meets your needs. We provide you with the best training and a full-fledged curriculum that will help you advance in your career.

    What skills do I need to have for enrolling in the training program?

    You need to have basic technical knowledge. Also, you should possess verbal skills to understand the study material.

    Why is TOPS Technologies the best institute for IT training for freshers?

    We offer IT courses and are the best in the industry because we provide real-time practices and use advanced methodology. Also, we provide 100% job placement to our students. We have a team of 350 professionals who work in 4 domains: Training, Outsourcing, Placement and Abroad Study.

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