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    Training in PHP, PHP Training

    Why Training?

    Training is the process of learning the skills you need to do a particular job or activity. Especially in IT field training is required as in IT you are learning a technology where you need to work practically by using the technology to learn it in an effective manner. There is always something new in IT and you need to update yourself with the updated technologies and for that you need training. Just imagine yourself where you are stuck with one query and there is no one to help you out!!! When you join training you get the assistance from trainers who guide you in a manner through which you can learn easily. They can explain you the tough technical concepts in the easiest manner. They also guide you for the practical application of the concepts.

    There is specified structure of training. You need to go through the same process. The whole course is divided in to various parts where each day you learn something new. If I give you 10 Bananas at a time you won’t be able to have it but if I give you one on each day you will surely like to have it. The training goes in the same manner. It is step by step additionally it is divided in to proper parts where you get enough time to learn every part of your training. Additionally training courses are designed considering the industry requirements. This will bridge the gap and make you eligible enough for getting selected in good companies.

    Additionally through training you get to know more people who are learning the same technology with you. You get opportunity to learn from their experiences and at a same time you get a platform to share your views.

    Going through training is like processing yourself. You enter as a raw material and you get yourself polished through training and when you complete your training you become a product ready for sale in the market of IT.

    Why PHP?

    • It’s very uncomplicated as it resemblance with Languages like C and Java
    • Flexible to use
    • Dynamic Websites are created easily
    • Web Integration is superbly maintains as 30% of the total internet application are created in PHP.
    • Every business Area is using this Language
    • A wide range of PHP Frameworks are available in market
    • Support and documentation for PHP is quite easy
    • It is cross platform language
    • Can be used with any Database servers and web servers.

    Eligibility for training in PHP

    • Anybody can learn php as php is very easy to learn compared any other programming languages such as JAVA, C#.
    • Must have the Knowledge of the C,C++
    • Must able to think logically, have creative visualization
    • Basic knowledge of Operating System and Internet will be helpful

    Opportunities in PHP

    • As the PHP is open Source due to which it is leading in market share.
    • Facebook is launched Mark Zuckerberg using PHP. Other large companies are Google,ebay,Wikimedia,Yahoo,Intel,Nokia and many more….
    • An average salary of Rs 206,763 per annum has been earned by PHP developer
    • The skills that increase pay for this job the most are Drupal, Model-view-controller (MVC), Dynamic HTML (DHTML), jquery, and mysql.

    Why TOPS Technologies?

    We provide training to students in various technologies. We have the experts who train students. We have our course which is good enough to match the industry requirements and we keep updating our course as per changing market trends. We have our own training centers where we provide a good learning environment.

    We also have our placement team working for the placements of students. We have tie-ups with the best market players in IT. We also have our own outsourcing vertical where team of developers is working for various projects. Along with technical training we provide soft skill training to students where we guide students to improve their communication skills, improve upon their prevent ability and confidence.

    We ensure that each of our students is growing in his professional career as well as personal life!!! Be a part of it, experience the unforgettable journey of your life and take your career to the new heights!!!

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