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Top Software Testing Interview Questions You Should Know About!

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Last Updated: 24 Jan 2024

After completion of your software testing course online, you would want to apply for jobs. However, if you are nervous about the questions that will be asked by your interviewer, we would say Worry not! Here’s a compilation of frequently asked questions on software testing to help you sail through your interview with a potential employer. These questions range from beginner to advanced level and cover some of the most important topics on Software Testing.

What Is the Difference Between Functional & Non-Functional Testing?

This is a question that you would have come across in your Software Testing Classes. Functional testing is conducted before non-functional testing and targets the functional aspects of the software. This test can be conducted manually and uses the client’s requirements as the parameter for testing. Also, this test is used to validate software actions and describes what the product does.

Non-functional testing, on the other hand, is conducted after functional testing. This test assesses the performance, dependability and usability of the software. The parameter for conducting a non-functional test is the customer’s expectations. Also, this test is hard to perform manually and describes how a product works.

Why is Selenium a Preferred Tool for Automation Testing?

You would have used Selenium during your Software Testing Training and hence the answer to this question should come easily to you. There are several reasons for Selenium being the preferred tool for automation testing. The first reason is that it is open-source and does not incur licencing costs. The second reason is that it is highly flexible and works with a wide variety of programming languages, Operating Systems, browsers, etc. Also, Selenium works seamlessly with tools such as TestNG for managing test cases and generating reports. If continuous testing is required, Selenium works well with tools such as Maven to keep the process flowing.

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What Are the Different Types of Locators in Selenium?

All Automation Testing Courses will train you in the use of locators in Selenium. A locator identifies a web element within a webpage and is an integral part of the software testing process. In Selenium, several types of locators are used namely, DOM, CSS Selector, XPath, PartialLinkText, link text, TagName, Name, ClassName and ID.

A defect which could have been removed during the initial stage is removed in the next stage. How does this affect the cost?

During your software testing course online, you would have learnt that it is best to remove a defect at the earliest stage when identified. By delaying the removal, the defect multiplies in terms of cost. For example, if a defect lingers on till the testing phase, the cost multiplies eight times. If this defect stays on until the maintenance phase, the cost is 20 times more.

On what basis you can arrive at an estimation for your project?

This is an integral question and you would have heard your tutor stressing on this point during your software testing course online. In order to arrive at an estimate of a project, it can be broken down into smaller units. These units can be allocated to each team member and the time they take to complete each task can be measured. With the collective information, you can derive the estimation of a project.

Which test cases are written first: white boxes or black boxes?

During your software testing classes, you would have learnt that black boxes are written first. This is because for writing black-box test cases, documents such as requirement document and project plan are needed. They are easily available at the start of the project. On the other hand, to write white boxes you need architectural clarity which is possible only in the later phases of the project. This is why black boxes are written before white box test cases.

On what basis can you map the success of Automation Testing?

The success of Automation Testing can be measured through parameters including defect detection ratio, Automation execution time, reduction in labour and other costs and time savings to release the product. For those who have completed their automation testing courses, this question is pretty straightforward and easy to answer!

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