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    Tips on PHP for the Beginners and Freshers

    PHP is known as one of the easiest learning languages. But, though starting to learn any programming language is a daunting task. Here, I have given some tips for the PHP beginners and Freshers, that will make learning PHP an easy task.

    1. Object oriented programming is a must to get handy with PHP:

    Before you start learning PHP, you must have a clear concept of OOPS. If not, must go through OOPS and create a strong base to learn PHP. If you are not clear with OOPS concept you may struggle with PHP. Moreover, before you start an application development in PHP you must have solid principles of software development.

    2. Join experts’ community and Google your queries:

    In this web world when you will search, you will find a lot of online PHP experts’ communities who share ideas, queries, solutions to the queries. Follow these communities which will help you to solve your queries and learn the latest in PHP. If you have not joined any communities Google your queries, you will find communities who are providing ideas and solutions to your problem and if you have joined the community nevertheless Google first to get an immediate solution to your query.

    3. Don’t miss the chance to experience industry:

    Once you are clear with all the basics of PHP, you should start with hands on the live project. Working on live project let you know where you are getting stuck and what is your weak side. So that you can improve your weak side as well companies are interested in candidates who have hands on the Live project.

    4 Low entry barrier, work on it:

    Using PHP you can develop any PHP application very fast. But, with this PHP brings one detriment and that is PHP have low entry barriers. Anyone can hack the PHP application with less effort. It is true. But the cause of it, don’t stop working on PHP application, instead you should work with the pros to make it perfect.

    5. Having Mentor is a wise step than go to the Developer:

    You may be puzzled that why it is so. New Developers get overwhelmed too easily. They have the mentality of just make it done, Better to find a mentor who can guide you when you stuck somewhere. It really makes a difference, as both persons are in different field and have a different mentality. It is wise to don’t go with developer if you are in the middle of PHP.

    If you are looking for a Mentor who guide you click here, TOPS technologies have experienced Mentor, who provides you the best solution to your queries.

    6. Select the best project for a start up:

    When you are starting with project after go through PHP, starts to find quality project or join the community of open source project. By joining the open source project community you can find the project, know the code, know the people and what is the scenario. For a start up of the project you should seek for the project which are in Drupal or WordPress.
    Know more about what is Drupal and WordPress and which is the best Institute who is providing comprehensive Drupal training and WordPress training.

    7. Read the code of Experienced coder:

    Reading the code of experienced coder, you will can learn many things from the code. How to write the code. What standards to follow while writing the code, and how to make the code well formatted that all the users can read it. Don’t waste the time in reinventing code every time. Use libraries as much as possible.

    8. Must know technology that reduces your timing of software development:

    Must learn test driven technology which is an advanced technique to do unit test. The result driven by this test can be used by many times to give feedback of the software that software is still working.Encapsulation helps you to create code and use that code in all other programs decrease your coding.

    9. Don’t ignore storage data while learning PHP:

    When you are going to develop any project in PHP you will need to integrate it with a database. So when you start to learn PHP you should also learn data storage and MySQL with PHP. It is correct that there are many frameworks which are providing easy extract of data, but still you need to understand how the data is accessed in the project to solve the issue that can take place in the future.

    If you don’t want to miss anything which is significant to learn before you start to develop a PHP project. TOPS technologies is the best training institute in Ahmedabad as well, having 19 other branches across India to provide you the best training in PHP.

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