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    Tips on How to Select Between Software Testing and Automation Testing for Testing Project

    It is proved that testing is a must do procedure of the software development life cycle to deliver a defect free product which attracts and retain customer with your software. Defect free software is the key toss customer satisfaction and increasing selling of your product.

    Systems are needed to be a bug free, especially those which holds crucial data and process that data. These systems are so sensitive that a bit change in result can deliver false output, which may lead to the wrong result.

    To perform the best testing you need to decide between manual testing and software testing. Manual testing and automation testing both are equally significant. But the selection of testing technique depends on your choice and what the constraints are. Here I have given tips on how to select a testing technique for your software testing.

    The First look is the project size:

    What is the size of your project, answer this question yourself. If the size of your project is small then you should go with manual testing and if the size of your project is quite large then you should go with the automation testing. Because in manual testing if you want to test any software, you need to perform it yourself.

    For an example, you are going to test a registration form for a small company of fewer employees. This can be done easily with manual testing. But if we look at the Facebook site, you can’t accomplish it with manual testing.

    Sometimes you need to derive choice as per your budget:

    Automation testing is expensive if your project does not require testing for long term. The tools which are used for automation testing is expensive. If you are having constraints with the budget you should go with manual testing which demands no expense.

    Go wise by selecting human recourse or automation:

    If you have a large group of quality analyst, you can go with manual testing and accomplish it in the given time constrain. Because you can test your software in different system simultaneously in short time. But if you don’t have a limited human resource and need to accomplish it in some time constrain, automation testing is better.

    Go as per frequency of testing:

    Manual testing is the best and economical if the software is not required to taste frequently in future. And if your software is required to be tasted frequently in future automation testing is best and economic for your perspective.
    Changes in code really a matter!

    If your project code is changing frequently as per client’s demand, it is better to go with automation testing. Because you need to ensure whole system once you made any change in code, no matter the change that you have made in the system is small or large. This is because if you make any change in one module of the system, there is a chance that it may harm the other modules of the system.

    If the need of simultaneous testing:

    Manual testing can perform testing sequential whereas Automation testing can perform testing simultaneously. So if your project need to perform testing on different machines at the same time, it can be only possible with automation testing.

    If want to taste selected case only:

    If you want to do random testing of your some of selected test cases, then it is only possible by going with manual testing. So if your project is demanding random or ah-hoc testing, you have only one choice and that is manual testing.

    If time is a matter don’t worry:
    If you want to work fast on urgent base you need to test your project with automation testing as it is not possible to deliver accurate and fast testing using manual testing. So if you have a time constraints and want to do accurate testing, you need to go with automation testing.

    If want to see the testing on multiple systems:

    When a testing needs to be analyzed by a number of people on multiple systems it only can be accomplished by automation testing only. Using automation system, multiple users can login in to the different system and can see the testing and the result of testing.

    If you don’t want annoy some task:

    If you don’t like annoysome testing of filling the form and testing it, go with automation testing which fill the form automatically.

    Human is required for real time testing:

    When it’s a matter of finding real time issues, automation testing fails here because automation testing is like machine testing, it executes according to the test case program that you have set. To find the real time issues you need to go with manual testing in which tester perform a role of end user and add the data which are not going with the system to check the system and seek the bugs in the system.

    Don’t want skip any corner of testing!

    If you don’t want to miss any area of the system to test, you need to test it manually to judge it. Manual testing covers all the areas to test which are not having done in automation testing. It means when you are looking to test such an area of system, you need to go with manual testing.

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