Why Swift is taking control in iOS App Development?

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Last Updated: 03 Apr 2023

Programming languages keep on entering the world of technology to ease the way developers write code as well as solve critical functionalities through libraries and as a result we always have one or the other language supersede the other. We have see how Kotlin took over Java as the official programming language for Android Mobile applications and now we will see how the introduction of Swift, a language developed by Google took over from Objective-C. People say swift brings out a lot of objectives without the traditional “C”. We will see here in detail what they mean by comparing the differences and how Swift as really made it easier for IOS app developers to write code as well as maintain it. Why did they need Arise? So why another programming language for IOS app development?

So let’s quickly review what Objective-C kind of made developers move so easily:

1) Syntax of objective-C – for developers who have used this will agree to the same. Objective-C’s syntax as well as use of [ ], @, *, **, is difficult if a developer is moving from another programming language to Objective-C

2) Lengthy – the code in Objective-C is lengthier than the newer programming language

3) Memory Management in objective-C So now let’s look at how Swift does this better with and what else is good about Swift? Swift was introduced in 2014 by Apple and thereafter started getting popular very quickly because of its easily readable syntax as compared to objective– C and also ease of writing code. But its very important for developers to actually first learn Application development in Objective-C without moving directly to Swift. This will help them understand and upgrade faster to Swift rather than directly learning the newer language.

So let's look at the dynamic features of Swift to understand its popularity:

1) Clean Syntax: This is the biggest advantage of using Swift; the syntax is so clean and concise and it is easier to read and write code. We no longer have to use semi-colons or parentheses to work with loops. Swift works with plain English rather than complex use of punctuation which makes a developer's world miserable. This functionality helps any developers having exposure to other programming languages easily migrate into Swift.

2) Fixes Code as you write: With Swift you don’t need to wait for run-time compilation errors to rectify bad programming errors; you can fix it as you write code.

3) fewer Lines of Code: Because of the ease of syntax and support of playing with text strings and data Swift provides lesser lines of code than Objective-C.

4) Fast Paced: With Swift, we can see the commitment of Apple to improve the speed at which the Application logic is run. We have seen a lot of Application crashes under Objective-C which has been reduced considerably with Swift. So by now, you all might be inquisitive to start working on Swift and get going. For all developers that have already implemented applications in Objective-C don’t worry; here are options that will help you easily get onboarded with Swift. Switching to Swift from objective-C for an already implemented/executing project is doable and this activity is called bridging which is done by header files but this depends on the size of the project. Secondly, XCode helps create the bridging file to ensure the code is compiled and executed correctly. I hope this article was useful for users that are either curious to know about swift and/or for users that are planning to switch. TOPS Technologies provides ios training on the latest versions of Swift with hands-on practical and project exposure to make your learning easy and fast.

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Why swift is a better choice as a programming language?

For Apple's iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS, Swift is a programming language that is both powerful and user-friendly. Swift is a modern programming language that uses tried-and-true programming techniques while also incorporating cutting-edge capabilities to simplify, expand, and enrich the experience of writing computer code. Developing for Apple platforms is an experience that is well worth having thanks to Swift's fresh start, which is supported by the well-established and well-liked Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks.

The following are some of the reasons why it is beneficial to learn Swift:

Swift is Fast Swift's speed was a primary design goal. Your code can be optimized with the help of the LLVM compiler infrastructure, and the programming language Swift is memory safe by default. This results in Swift code being executed rapidly and with a decreased likelihood of crashing. Swift is Safe Swift was developed with a focus on user protection. The language removes entire categories of potentially dangerous code. For instance, Swift mandates that any and all variables be initialized prior to their utilization, and it also mandates that memory be automatically managed. This aids in the prevention of a wide variety of typical programming problems, such as buffer overflows. Interactivity is present in Swift.

Interactivity was a primary design goal for Swift. The read-eval-print loop, more often known as the Swift REPL, is an interactive environment that enables users to write and execute Swift code. The REPL is a built-in feature of the Swift compiler, and it enables users to experiment with Swift code while simultaneously viewing the output of those experiments. Expressiveness was a primary design goal for Swift. Both the syntax and the standard library are meant to assist you in writing code that is simple to read and simple to keep up to date. The grammar of Swift is very organized and logical, and the language was developed with the goal of being simple both to read and to write. Swift is available free of charge. Swift is available for free! The standard library is distributed under the Swift License, whereas the programming language itself is distributed with the Apache 2.0 license, which includes an exception for runtime libraries. This indicates that you are free to use and modify Swift code in any way you see fit.

Swift is Fun and Enjoyable use of Swift was a primary design goal. The language is expressive and interactive, and it is simple to develop code that is not only accurate but also very effective. Additionally, Swift is supported by a sizable and active community, and it is being utilized in a lot of open-source software projects. Swift is an excellent option to consider if you are interested in developing software for Apple platforms and are seeking a programming language that is both powerful and easy to learn. In addition to being quick, secure, and expressive, the language is also quite simple to learn. Because Swift is an open-source programming language, you are free to use it and adapt it in any way you see fit. 

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