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    Software Testing – Career as QA in Software Testing

    Software is fast becoming a very important aspect of everyone’s lives. Our lives would be very difficult without software – our train tickets are issued by software, our trains are managed by software, our phones run on software, traffic signals also run on software.

    If the software is so important then the big question that arises is if the software has a bug or problem can we live a comfortable life. If the traffic signal software has a bug would it not result in all the traffic to see a green light together or thousands of train tickets being issued without adequate seats, or our checks would bounce even if we have the balance in our accounts. So as the importance of computers and software becomes larger in our lives it is very important that the software that is launched has no bugs or problems.

    The art and science of finding any bugs and problems in software is called software testing and software quality analyst. Software testing can be stated as the process of validating and verifying that a software program/application/product:

    1. meets the requirements that guided its design and development;
    2. works as expected; and
    3. can be implemented with the same characteristics.

    Software Testing is fast becoming one of the fastest growing segments in the IT Outsourcing space because of its ease of getting it outsourced and also because of the ability to get an independent review of the software. According to a survey, independent testing as a business globally is growing at 40 to 50 percent and there is a 35 to 40 percent growth in offshore testing services. As per the estimates of another co, the US alone spends a total of $ 59 billion on software testing. Of this total spend, only a meager $13 billion is outsourced as a service to the Asian countries. Given the reputation of India as an IT country, a total of 70 percent, totaling to $9.1 billion is garnered by Indian IT service providers. The application development and maintenance market have only demonstrated a CAGR of 19 percent year-on-year, in comparison to 47 percent by the independent testing services.

    So what skills are required to do software testing – Basically there are 2 types of testing manual testing and Automation Testing. Manual testing is done when an individual tester tests software to find bugs and problems whereas Automation Testing is conducted using the software. For example, testing a site if it can bear 10,000 hits on one second is only possible using Automation Testing.

    Salaries in Software Testing field are growing tremendously due to the lack of talented and experienced individuals. Salaries for freshers start usually between 7,000 to 15,000 and for someone with 1 year of experience is 12,000 to 25,000 and keep increasing with experience.

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