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    Are Software Developers more important than Software Testers

    Software Testing is as important as Software Development in the Software Development Life Cycle

    Thousands of students and career aspirants have told me that they are not interested in Software Testing as a career. Upon further inquiry and questioning, most have told me that they are not keen on Software Testing as a career because they think Software Testers are not considered successful.

    This is 100% far away from the truth – I believe software testers are as important as software developers. As a matter of fact I believe each and every individual working on a project has an important role to play.

    At a high level the SDLC is divided in – Identifying the problem, Documenting the requirements, Designing and Developing the Requirements, Testing solves the problem documented in the requirements document, and Implementing the system.

    Now if the systems, mobile applications, websites were not tested how would it be validated whether they solve the problems it was supposed to solve.

    Normally testing happens in everyday life and is not limited only to software from the food that is cooked, to the clothes that we wear, to the bulbs we buy and the cars we drive.  Banking software developed by the best software developers could have a bug that is not tested will only disburse Rs 500 whereas your bank account is debited Rs 1000, or when you recharge your mobile it will recharge to someone else’s mobile.

    Another example for the importance of the role of software tester is checking whether a site can take a certain load – Can a software developer launch a site and check whether the site can take the load of 10,000 simultaneous visitors. It is normally not possible to have 10,000 simultaneous users visit a site and wait for it to break. Software Testing allows to check whether a site can withstand the load of thousands of users without getting thousands of users.  Furthermore stress testing allows to test whether a site can withstand various levels of stress.

    In summary we believe Software Testing is as important and it should be thought of a great career option and help an individual become as or even more successful than a developer.

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