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    Role of SEO to Increase Website Ranking in Search Engine

    Advertisement is an asset for running any sort of business. When running business online or creating a shopping cart online or stepping into an e-world business than advertisement is a necessity. Presence of your website in the internet is a difficult task and is important too. Well reputed search engines such as Google consider the most suitable website to display in the top search results for the particular word entered by user to look for.

    Website owners have to consider Search Engine Optimization; abbreviated as SEO; an important procedure for marketing online. SEO Internet marketing is the elementary component to achieve targeted website traffic in order to reach top ranking in popular search engines including Google, Bing and many more.

    Any article written for the website, whether any press release, blog or any SEO related content written for the website is performing the job of internet marketing to increase website presence.

    Here comes the role of a SEO expert. The major duty of SEO professional is to create a good publicity of business in the world of web. SEO custom services are also used by web developers to maintain the everlasting Google rank for the website. They focus on SEO internet marketing goals and make presence of the website in world web in order to get it rank by search engine.

    SEO tactics must be implemented in a correct manner to achieve targeted result. Search Engine Optimization Internet marketing major elements include developing website traffic as well as highest rank in search result. In short website must be SEO friendly as well as user friendly.

    Search Algorithms used by popular search engine like Google is a bit complex now with its latest update in search algorithm. There are ample numbers of factors that affect search equation.

    Major Factors that influence the equation of search algorithm by most of the search engines are as described:

    • META Tags: The META tags including META keywords, titles and H1 tag are part of HTML code that are used to estimate the content for the website. Correct and proper keywords and titles should be placed in this section. Keywords and Titles should be related to content. Irrelevant or misleading keywords in these tags may also lead to website penalized.
    • Keyword Density: The occurrence of specific keyword in the content of your web page is referred to as keyword density. Simple concept is that over use of any specific keyword in the overall content may lead to keyword stuffing and will ultimately drop down the website from ranking high and may even lead to penalize due to keyword stuffing.
    • Inbound Links: For ranking purpose, inbound links is considered an important factor. Inbound links are links to other websites that points to your website. When further evaluated by search engine, these links should belong to website possessing high rank so that it is beneficial to your website.
    • Content: Last but not the least, Content plays a vital role in ranking process by search engine. Especially the new update in Google Search Algorithm has made content the king in internet marketing world. The content in each web page creates a big boost to the position of website in search engines. Quality content with relevant keywords and uniqueness is a must for top ranking by the search engine now. The best quality and suitable content providing true information is useful not only to visitors but also for search engines.

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