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Phases of Web Development You Need to Know About

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Niral Modi

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2023

According to recent statistics, 73% of companies invest in web designing. This statement indicates that companies are looking for web developers who can build custom websites for them. Web development is not only about coding and developing attractive visuals, it is all about meeting the clients’ needs and helping them achieve their organizational goals. If you are getting started with your career, then besides enrolling in a web development course, you also need to have a basic understanding of the web development process to develop an effective online strategy to meet all the requirements of your clients. 

5 Crucial Stages of Developing an Effective Website

Understand the Client Requirements

This stage involves gathering information and ideating your client requirements. To ensure that you don’t miss out on any important details, here’s a small checklist for you:
  • Have a clear understanding of the purpose of setting up the website.
  • Be sure to get the brand’s core message.
  • Know the target audience and design the website accordingly.
  • To draft relevant content, know what goals the company needs to accomplish.
A web development course helps you to prepare a well-defined plan and create content that is relevant to your client’s business. In addition to helping you learn about visually stunning images, a web design course also introduces you to all the latest technologies currently used in the industry.

Develop a Sitemap and User Interface

Gradually, you need to work on creating a site map, tailored to your client’s needs. As the name suggests, a sitemap is a map that helps a user navigate through the content on the site. Besides preparing a sitemap, you are also responsible for enhancing the user interface of the website. Web development courses provide you with a solid foundation for both front-end and back-end development. They also cover the fundamentals of building a responsive user interface for your website.

Design the Website
Now that you know what needs to be done, you can start working on the site architecture. You need to learn programming languages and then start coding to create a web layout that will hold all the information. You need to be creative as a web designer to build an excellent layout for a website. You can experiment with different colours and create a visual style that suits the client’s business. The key is to keep the target audience in mind and review the content as per the client’s wishes. Also, while designing, you need to make your layout SEO friendly. A web development course introduces you to various applications that allow you to create visually stunning content that drives engagement. A web design course is an excellent way to learn about adding a professional look and feel to your website.
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Review and Launch of the Site

After designing the website, you need to test it for any errors and get it reviewed by the client. Before sending it out for review, make sure to follow these steps:
  • Ensure that the site is mobile-friendly.
  • Check out whether it is compatible with every browser.
  • Test the website for any bugs or broken links and repair them immediately.
  • Use code validators to check if your website follows current web standards.
  • Check for any typo errors.
After correcting the errors, you can send it for client review. Once you receive their approval, you can upload the web files to the server and make the website live. A web development course makes this step easier for you as professionals guide you through the best industry learning practices.

Updating the Website

As a web developer, your work doesn’t end after launching the website. You are required to constantly update the website for new content and information, and make constant changes to the backend.

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