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    Online PHP Video Training

    PHP is one of the most promising languages for web development, thousands of new and upcoming developers are interested in learning PHP. Most PHP applications are developed with MySQL as the database. Similar to PHP MySQL is also opensource and is available for free download and development.

    There are multiple ways of learning PHP

    1) PHP Online Training
    2) PHP Essential Training
    3) Video Training PHP and PHP Training Books and Tutorials

    Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each way of PHP training/ learning

    PHP Online Training

    Basically, a trainer is located at one location like India and students from all over the world log in to a training session. Using state of the art tools like Webex/ GoToMeeting/ Skype students are provided online training. Students can view the slides on the screen and hear the live instructor through computer speakers. The biggest advantage of online training for PHP is normally cheaper than onsite training. Disadvantages of Online training is that it doesn’t have the same effect as onsite in-person training, TOPS Technologies uses state of the art tools and the best training which enables students to feel that they are learning via in-person training and enabling large cost savings for out of state and international students.

    Our PHP online training also includes mySQL training which enables students to learn development as well as the database development. We also offer one-on-one personal online training which allows personalization of the training programs. TOPS Technologies is one of the largest PHP Trainers with over 10,000 successful training and placements to students of Europe – Germany, United Kingdom UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Philippines, Africa and India.

    PHP Essentials Training with Onsite Trainer

    PHP Training with onsite trainer is the best way of learning where a student is taught the technology face to face. The trainer understands the student background and guides them step by step. We also teach the student on a live application which enables the student to learn practical aspects of software development. The biggest advantage of PHP onsite learning is that it allows an extreme level of personal attention for the students. In technical terms, it’s a Synchronous way of training where students group together in one room to learn and share knowledge and experiences. Students from the local market of India, as well as International students from US, UK, Europe, Germany, visit our training centers to get on-site training.

    PHP Training through Books and Tutorials and Video Training

    In this option, students get trained and learn reading books and tutorials by themselves and even viewing videos of the tutorials. Though the quality of the books/ tutorials/videos has improved tremendously there is a deficiency in this way of training because the trainer doesn’t understand in real time the problems faced by the students. In technical terms, this way of training is known as Asynchronous training where students learn remotely at their convenience at their own pace and schedule. The biggest problem seen in this way of training is the student has to be highly motivated to finish the whole training. A large portion of the students doesn’t complete their training either because the training method/ material was not good or they lacked the motivation or students were not able to solve the problems that are expected from a live trainer.

    TOPS Technologies offers online and in-person training programs in PHP for students and corporate companies at our training centers located in India or even at client sites.

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