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Last Updated: 17 Nov 2023

Node.Js is a relatively new, server-side scripting language which has been making news lately in the development market. Not only is there multiple reasons why it is a good development language but also a few hot shots (eBay, LinkedIn, Walmart) are already hopping onto the boat of this development and making the most of the Node.JS Development environment.

It's purely co-incidental that the team at TOPS got the opportunity to work on Node.JS for their upcoming project or should I say we opted for Node.js after doing the due diligence and finding out that as compared to our PHP Code we were able to pass data via API’s to the end user up to 70% faster. Yes, surely we were not able to get it at 93% faster than claimed or should I say our QA simulations that we did were limited to where our server would only show 70% optimization over PHP Code. Either way, our client was extremely happy and with the development cost nearly the same as PHP I think we are surely going to use this asynchronous event-driven method much more than we initially thought.

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We were aware when we started creating this application that it was not going to be easy. For us getting away from the fact that there is no default HTTP server or any server for that matter was difficult to digest, but the results were awesome. One script handled all. TOPS Team has been focused on using AJAX for their development and obviously, AJAX is also Asynchronous similar to Node.Js.

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A lot of people have been asking what you really mean by Event Driven, and honestly, we don’t go down the path of explaining to them the same in technical language we give them a quick analogy and a crude example of a queue at DMV; when you enter the DMV and you go to the gate you have already been given the forms that you need to fill in, so basically you don’t stand on the gate filling out forms which you could have done it either when you were sitting on the chair or standing in the queue. Similarly, with Node.Js the server doesn’t tie up resources unnecessarily and only calls for action when required.

There is much more to Node.JS Development, and I think the use of HTML5 and Node.JS in conjunction is making great sense. We are really happy and if you also want technology to make a difference hire a Node.JS developer with TOPS Technologies and then can make it happen. Please send us an email for any queries related to node js training and development.

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