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    .NET Training – Learn about the Tools required for ASP.NET Development

    ASP.NET is the next version of the so-called popular ASP. Developed by Microsoft, this is a popular web development technology which simplifies the creation of dynamic web applications. As compared to .NET, which is a framework, ASP.NET is a programming language that enables development of elegant and dynamic web and desktop applications using tools like Visual Studio, SQL Server, Macromedia Dreamweaver etc. Having the knowledge of Visual Studio and SQL Server is a primary requirement for developing fully functional ASP.NET applications.

    Let us now discuss about the tools required to get on with ASP.NET development work.

    Visual Studio

    Visual Studio is a software application that a user requires to install in his/her PC in order to develop .NET applications. Developed by Microsoft, this software program provides an integrated and rather convenient development environment to the developers for creation of web applications using ASP.NET programming language. Visual Studio 2010 is the current version of Visual Studio software application which is being widely used by the developers for efficient and cost effective web development. IntelliTrace, a code hinting aid, and an architecture guide are some of the important design features of ASP.NET. These are important design features of Visual Studio assisting the developers for the defining the structure of their data-driven applications. Visual Studio has ability to easily and seamlessly integrate with technologies of the Microsoft Incorporation.

    SQL Server

    SQL Server is a relational database management system used to store and retrieve data as requested by the .NET applications developed using Visual Studio. This is a popular database technology that allows the users to store, find, edit and delete the data. Using this database utility, one can easily create and manage data tables and queries required for processing and accessing the data from the database. SQL Server can be used with Visual Studio to develop a dynamic web application which can also access the information from the database. One can easily display a table or develop an online form using this technology.

    Every time a user wants to edit a .NET application he/she will require using a Visual Studio application. Hence an alternative for this one can also utilize Macromedia or Adobe Dreamweaver to edit and alter the structure or design of a .NET web page or application. Altering .NET programming code is very easy to do using Dreamweaver tool and hence most of the developers or users make use of Dreamweaver to modify the design or structure of web pages built in dot net. However, use of Dreamweaver for editing the .NET applications is just the choice of the users but not mandatory. For beginners, who have just started with dot net, Dreamweaver can an easy tool to use for editing applications.

    If you are an IT aspirant looking to learn web development using the dot net technology, join the reliable .NET training course of TOPS Technologies which includes training on the usage of latest tools like Visual Studio 2010 and SQL Server for web development. Right the OOPs fundamentals to the tools used for application development, everything is taught by the experts in the job-oriented .NET training courses offered at TOPS.

    TOPS Technologies is the best IT Training center in Ahmedabad with branches scattered across various cities in India. The organization offers exclusive .Net training courses for freshers, students and experienced professionals and conducts .NET training classes under the guidance of expert Microsoft Certified .NET trainers.

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