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Manual Software Testing Training – Get it Right for the First Time

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Niral Modi

Last Updated: 16 Sep 2022

Manual testing requires a trained tester who needs to test the application before it goes into the hands of the end-user. The role of a software tester is like a goal keeper in a football match. If a goal keeper doesn’t catch the goals, entire team loses. Similarly, if the manual tester fails to detect all the bugs, the company can form a bad reputation and lose a client too. In this cut-throat competition, to be successful it has become very important to deliver the best for the first time itself because you never get a second chance to make a first impression. On the other hand, to become a manual tester you need to take manual software testing training from the best software training institute in Ahmedabad. Now, you may wonder why Ahmedabad? Then, I would say that Ahmedabad is one of the most happening cities as far as IT is concerned. So many IT companies and MNCs are located here. So, just take manual software testing training in Ahmedabad and land to your dream job!!! Although, the role of a manual tester is so significant, there are some misperceptions which might stop you from taking training in manual testing. Just go through below mentioned facts which may keep you away from the distracting misperceptions relating to manual testing. Be determined, stick to your goals and succeed in your career as a Manual tester.

Manual Testing Requires Technical Knowledge

If you are not technically sound, you cannot test a software properly. Yes, you don’t require in-depth knowledge of coding as required by the developers, but you need to take up manual testing training to become a manual tester.

Everyone Cannot Become a Manual Tester

Many people have that misperception that manual testing is easy and anyone can do it. On the contrary, testing requires analytical skills, good observation and of course basic programming knowledge. These skills can be inculcated in a person through training and thus, you need to go for a manual testing course if you want to become a manual tester.

Learning Manual Testing is not Outdated

It is the biggest misperception that manual testing is out and automatic testing is in. Many applications require only manual testing and so the demand of manual testers has not decreased in IT companies. If you want to check the usability of software or application, an automated tool cannot help. In this case, manual testing becomes essential.

Manual Testing is Extremely Important

There is a misperception prevailing in many companies that if we have best software developers creating an application, no bugs can be found and thus doesn’t require testing. This can be the biggest mistake of those companies as this is a fact that if you want to deliver the best to your clients, you need to test it and then deliver. It is difficult to find our own mistakes and thus we need tester to do that.


You may hear many such misperceptions before taking up training in manual testing. But, you need not stop learning. Go for manual testing training with the best manual testing training institute in Ahmedabad and kick start your career as a manual tester. Just make sure you get best training with placement assistance.

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