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    Learn PHP with These Useful Hacks!

    PHP, an acronym for Hypertext Preprocessing, is a popular programming language that has powered web applications such as Facebook and Word Press. Its popularity has opened innumerable job opportunities for PHP developers across the globe. So if you want to become a PHP developer, enrolling in formal PHP classes is the first step for you.

    But before you do that, you must sit down to plan your approach to learning the language. A strategic and structured approach towards learning PHP course can help you gain the skills quicker and more efficiently. Here are a few hacks that will help you learn the language better within the optimal timeframe.

    Learn PHP

    Clear Understanding of Objectives

    PHP is a server-side programming language commonly used for web development. Having a clear view of your objectives will help you save a lot of time and your energy. If your objective is to become a game developer, then PHP is not the language for you. You must enrol for C or C+ instead. However, if your objective is to take your Word Press, Joomla or Drupal skills to a new height, then PHP training is what you need.

    It will also help you if you have the projects you want to work in mind. The process of learning PHP is long and you must stay motivated through the process. Having a clarity on the projects you want to work in mind can be your source of motivation.

    Learn HTML First

    If you are a newbie, dedicate some time towards learning HTML before you dive into learning PHP. HTML will help make you understand web development. HTML is a markup language which forms the basis of web pages. Most online education platforms or PHP institutes will assume that you have an understanding of HTML when you enroll for a PHP course. Hence, the best way to make learning PHP effective is to learn HTML first.

    Be Active in Learning

    If you have enrolled for an online PHP course, try and make the learning process more active by engaging in a project. Passive learning i.e. learning by reading, listening or watching will not help you get a hands-on understanding of the language. If you are still looking for a good course that allows you to actively learn PHP, you can enroll for the PHP training course by Tops Technology.

    Do Not Be Afraid of Breaking Things

    Do not be afraid of breaking things while working on projects. This does not mean that you deliberately break things on live projects or your websites. You will learn a lot of things while putting things back together as you learn PHP online. Look for an online course that allows you to practice on interactive code editors. Tops Technologies offers you a conducive environment and wherewithal to practice and learn through trial and error.

    Turn on the Error Reporting Feature

    Get used to switching on the error reporting feature when working on a project during your PHP training. The error reporting feature will help you spot errors as you work on your project. Without the error reporting feature, you will end up with a blank screen each time a problem occurs. On the other hand, with the error reporting feature you can check errors as you run through the code.

    Get Acquainted with Security Practices

    PHP classes will teach you to use the best security practices while building websites and applications. There are two rules to ensuring security – using data received only from your website and escaping the data before sending it another website or application. Following the Filter Input, Escape Output (FIEO) thumbrule can protect your website from SQL injections. A failure in doing this can result in security breach.

    Learn About Ternary Operator Logic

    As you learn PHP, you will be taught about how ternary expressions can help you shorten your code and make them more efficient. If you have if-else code block constructions, you can replace them with ternary expressions to simplify the code and nest it without difficulties. This will not only make your codes shorter but make them more efficient and quicker to maintain.

    These are just a few hacks that can help you learn PHP more efficiently and effectively. However, to learn more of these hacks, you can reach out to Tops Technologies – the leading name for PHP courses!

    Contact for PHP Classes

    Tops Technologies offers you 100 percent practical-driven PHP classes from the best trainers. You can learn and pick up skills that are relevant in the industry today through our online PHP course. To know more about PHP training or PHP interview questions and answers, you can get in touch with us by calling us at +91-9974755006 or writing to us at We would be delighted to help you!

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