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    Getting Started With Kotlin Programming Language

    Android applications can be created in a language which is supported by the JVM. Most of the Android applications written till date has been in Java but recently Kotlin has been creating a lot of buzzwords and getting attention. Kotlin appeared as a new language which can be compiled and run on JVM in 2011.

    So while Java is still buzzed as pretty much the official language for coding Android applications; here are some of the reasons I am presenting which might make you think or even move to Kotlin Android Application.

    Kotlin Features :

    Let me highlight some of the features of Kotlin which has helped it become more popular in the market:

    1) Easy to Learn: For Java programmers, Kotlin is easier to learn since it follows OOP syntax as well as  Kotlin can be easily learned by any programmers that have worked with Scala, C#, Javascript. Kotlin reduces the coding lines by at least 20% as compared to Java.

    2) Interoperability with Java and Android: This is the greatest feature and functionality of Kotlin. You can use your java and android code side by side with kotlin and can compile it successfully as well. We can even use the majority of the libraries of Java and frameworks in Kotlin projects.

    3) Support of Android Studio

    All we need to do is install the Kotlin Plugin, and there we see Android Studio configuring Kotlin in our projects with just a mouse click.

    Kotlin Versus Java

    Kotlin won’t be easy to learn without primary knowledge of Java or any other OOP based language as suggested earlier. But it is definitely easier to work with because of the above listed features. It has a beautifully managed expressive syntax which is shorter than writing code in Java; since Java has been an old language and any updates require series of updates in libraries and at time internal code as well.So what are we thinking more for fellow programmers.

    Let’s learn about how you can start with kotlin by sample demo application with Kotlin Language.

    Step 1:

    If you have Android Studio 2.3.3 and below then Add kotlin Plugins from Settings as shows in below screenshot.

    Then start a new project you will find below view.

    If you have Android Studio 3.0 and above then directly start new Project and on the first screen select Kotlin support check box.

    Step 2: Choose Phone and Tablet option with appropriate MinSDK level.

    Step 3: Select Basic Activity.

    Step 4: Give name as per your choice.

    Step 5: Take a look at activity.xml file and file.

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