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    Joomla – Best Content Management System Solution

    Joomla is an open source and Best Content Management System that makes making and managing a web site very easy. Joomla is developed using PHP and a lot of Joomla templates of existing sites are available in the open source community which will enable you to develop a client site with limited efforts.

    So your question is – You can do the same thing with HTML templates that are available free on the internet. So why bother with implementing and learning and getting training on PHP with Joomla.

    So why Joomla – Joomla is a powerful content management system (CMS) – what does CMS mean?

    Think about a large and popular newspaper. They need to update new and updated news everyday. So if they have to publish 100 new news item today how much time would it take hours right. Joomla enables them to update and upload their content in seconds. Furthermore it has features that enable a basic data entry operator to upload their content. They can also change the color of the whole website, enable/ disable menus, enable disable links by just pressing on/ off. It includes upload and update features for text, photos, music, video, documents, and almost anything you can think of.

    What kind of sites can be developed using Joomla – Basically any website – companies website, online newspapers, E-commerce sites, community portals and even personal homepages.

    Is it easy to implement Joomla

    Sure installing Joomla is relatively easy most popular hosting providers offer a one click install which enables you to implement the site in minutes. Because it is user friendly end clients can edit their pages themselves. There are more then 200,000 sites currently running on Joomla

    So is there a need for a developer

    Yes in most cases the ready made templates and extensions available are not perfectly applicable you will be given the project to edit the templates and integrate the extensions that the specific clients require. Joomla customization projects can be completed in a couple of days and can be go to months and years. Because of strong MVC architecture of Joomla extending based on client requirements is easy and be extended in any way a client might want. Our clients have extended Joomla to online newspaper, Inventory Management systems, Product Directories, B2B Directories, B2C Directories.

    Do you feel you are ready to implement a Joomla site by hire a Joomla developer full time, Outsourcing Joomla Development to us or taking PHP-Joomla Training from us. Contact us and one of us will contact you immediately.

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