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IT Jobs Tips – Avoid These Things to Crack a Job Interview

Many of them fear job interviews especially when they are the technical ones. Facing experts who are ready to attack you with tough questions is the toughest task one has to undergo during an IT job interview. In an IT job interview, generally questions belonging to technical as well as non-technical sectors are asked. While most of them have major focus on preparing for the technical questions prior the interview, there are many other essential things which play an equal important role in one’s selection for the job and are often ignored. Hence what is essential is to also focus on these non-technical things which include the do’s and don’ts of an IT job interview.

We have already discussed the things to focus in a technical job interview in our previous article Successful tips to Prepare for a tech Interview and hence are now going to discuss about the annoying things one has to avoid for a successful interview.

IT Jobs Interview Tips

1. One of the primary blunders which many of them make is to arrive late for the interview. This indicates indiscipline and negligence to punctuality from the side of the interviewee and hence is one of the biggest mistakes which can spoil one’s impression even before attending the interview.

2. Proper formal dressing will convey a positive impression of your personality and professionalism to the employer. Avoid wearing flamboyant clothing or any kind of distracting ornaments which can draw attention to your employer away from your qualifications for the job.

3. Do not get into casual discussions with your interviewer. It is always good on your part to stay away from topics such as politics and religion, instead go for something like sports or the weather.

4. Your communicating skills will come to play here. Never go without revising your details in resume as this may cost you badly in case if the interviewer asks questions based on your resume details and you answer something that is entirely different from what you have presented in your resume. It is very essential to communicate effectively about your current and prior work background to the interviewer during the IT job interview.

5. Never go for an interview without knowing in detail about the company you are going for an interview. Unfamiliarity with requirements of your employer’s needs will often result in poor answering from your side as you’ll not be able to represent yourself as the solution to meet the employer’s needs and hence this may not land you the job.

6. Make sure you answer to the point. Avoid rambling replies which are something away from subject of the job interview. Use a smart procedure for structuring your answers according to the question and as per employer’s needs.

7. Finally at the end of the interview when you are given a chance to question the employer, never ask something which shows your interest in benefits offered by the company for you like when you can take your first holiday after joining or number of holidays offered etc. Make sure your questions display your desire for the job not your interest for the benefits.

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