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    How to Best Prepare Yourself for an iOS Job Interview?

    Good market for iPhone and its apps, the rising number of IT companies offering iPhone apps development services and lack of thoroughly talented developers are the main reasons resulting in increasing demand for the fluent iOS developers across the globe. Highest salaries one can expect in the IT sector and world of opportunities available in this sector makes iPhone development one of the most desired or chosen professions of the present times. To get into iPhone development one will basically have to clear a technical interview where the HR or the recruiters will mainly concentrate on your skills and knowledge about the iPhone technology to hire you for the iPhone job openings in their firm.

    There are certain things which every employer wants to see or know from the interviewee.
    First and foremost thing he/she will be keen to know is whether you have any previous experience of developing iPhone apps or not. If yes, make sure you give them the best idea of what you have previously done as this will show your talent. There would be an added benefit of showing your previous development work as there are best possible chances that the direction of your iPhone job interview will change after this. The interviewer may now ask you questions related to your project instead of hard technicalities surrounding the iOS development. Hence again for this you will need to be thoroughly prepared with aspects related to your project.
    Learn about the iPhone SDK that is used by the developers in real time development process. Get a last minute revision on the basic concepts of the Objective C as this is the language on which iPhone apps development relies on heavily and hence the interviewer for sure will try to test your knowledge in this.
    Knowledge of concepts like iPhone architecture, MVC architecture of iPhone app, parsers used in iOS development, delegate methods of MKMapView, interface, polymorphism, latest iOS and Xcode versions and various other aspects is important to score over an iPhone job interview. Better to have some server side experience or knowledge as this will an added advantage on your part.
    Before going to attend the interview make sure that you have gathered sufficient information about the company for which you are applying. This would give you a clue on how to answer your questions in order to satisfy the interviewer’s needs.
    Go prepared on how you are going to tackle some tricky general questions that are most often asked in an interview. This can help you answer clearly and confidently if the same questions are asked during the interview thereby giving a good impression about you to the interviewer. Therefore taking care and pre-preparation before an interview will surely help a candidate to come out with flying colors even in the tougher seeming iPhone job interview.

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