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    Best Internships/ Project Training/ Industrial Training

    We have heard a lot of students of BE/ Btech/ MCA come in and say I want the best possible Internship/Live Project Training/ Industrial training. So the million $ question is how do you define the best Internship or best live projects.

    The main reason Universities across India require students to undergo project as part of their college degrees or curriculum is that they want students to experience how the real industry operates.

    Real Software development Projects involve the following kind of training:

    1) Scope Documents
    2) Flow Charts
    3) Database Design
    4) User Interface/ Web Site Design
    5) Coding/ Application Development
    6) Testing
    7) Deploying Projects

    Live Projects can be undertaken in the following technologies

    • .Net
    • PHP
    • Java
    • iPhone
    • Android

    What should students look for while selecting a project:

    1) A project definition should be something they can complete
    2) It should be a medium-sized project so they can exhibit to the BE and MCA college that they have done the actual work
    3) Companies giving them the project should require the students to actually do the projects. A lot of companies give a Free Project. Free projects don’t teach the student anything.
    4) Paid Projects or Free Projects – it doesn’t matter whether you select a free or paid project the basic point should be to complete a project yourself from scratch. If you are paying fees and not learning anything why waste money.
    5) Flow Chart, Database design, Project Report sample – It is very important that students create these project documents themselves it helps them understand how the whole project flows.

    TOPS Technologies is a reputed Software Development and Training company that provides industrial training with live project with offices across India – Ahmedabad,  Vadodara, Rajkot, Surat, Gandhinagar, Nagpur.

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