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If you want to be an Android Application Developer, What you Should Know?

Before you get started to learn android application development.

You may be puzzled that why to learn Java or C# and why not to dive directly into android application development?

It is because 80% course content of Android development has concern with Java/C# (Object oriented) concept. If you are not clear with the concepts, you may face difficulties in understanding Android development. Learning Android without going through Java/C# will take a lot time to understand the Android tutorial. This is the reason to go with JAVA or C#.

 Why JAVA or C# for Android Application Development?

Xamarin is a cross platform that is used to develop android application using C#, whereas with JAVA you can write core object oriented code for developing an Android application or you can go with Eclipse also for developing Android application development using JAVA.

JAVA and C# are much closed to each other when it’s conceptual talk or syntax talks. Nevertheless the selection of language that you want to learn depends clearly on you. From my perspective going with JAVA is better than C#.

Why JAVA is Better Than C# for an Android Application Development?

1. The speed of the application written in Java is faster than application written in C#.

2. Demand of application written in Java is more than an application written in C#.

3. JAVA offers high security quotient to its application as it runs under the JVM that isolate Java from other hardware. This makes the execution of code much safe and controlled.

4. Pure object oriented nature makes it preferable for complex application development.

5. If you want to start work with C# in the future than you can switch with ease as both languages has greater similarities. You can say JAVA is the elder brother of C#. So if you know core object oriented JAVA you can hands on C# latter on.

I wish, now it is clear for you that to write Android application JAVA is must know the language. What other prerequisite are there is PL SQL and XML. PL SQL is a database that you need to know to integrate your application with the database while XML for creating an interface with android SDK.

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