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How to Prepare Yourself for an Android Job Interview?

Today there is a great demand for mobile technologies across the world. Especially Android and iPhone which provide awesome user experience with their dynamic features and apps are among the highly rated mobile technologies used today.

Android is one of the most popular mobile platforms based on which most of the commercial, gaming, advertising and various other mobile applications are being developed these days.

Android Interview TOPS Technologies

Hence, no doubt android developers have got a great job market and future ahead with lot of lucrative earning opportunities. Today opting for Android jobs can earn lot of income to an individual if he/she has got  knowledge of developing apps based on this platform. But scoring Android jobs would be a child’s task especially for a fresher with no previous experience of attending an Android technical interview. Yes, a technical interview will be conducted by the experts of the company when you go for an Android job interview.

This would be done to test your efficiency as an Android programmer or Android apps developer at some basic level. The Android job interview will mainly include questions framing around the basics of Android programming and various important concepts that are crucial in the development process.

Make sure you get prepared for the basics of Android architecture, application development framework features, latest versions or upgrades in the OS platform, Android emulator, JSON and xml parser, components/building blocks of Android and many other important Android concepts before going for an Android job interview. You will be expected to have know-how of mobility awareness and basic Java fundamentals even in case you are a fresher attending the Android job interview for the very first time.

Good knowledge of Android development and a certification for the same would be the biggest differentiator however that will give you a winning over your competitors. Hence good preparation on technicalities and most important concepts in real-time Android development is necessary.

Get prepared to answer various technical questions related to your Android project whose portfolio you are carrying for the interview because best are the chances that the interviewer is gonna test your knowledge about your project work.

Other basic tips however that will help you create a positive impression on your employer would be your calm and composed behavior under pressure of the interview, smartness and your confidence while facing the interview questions and most importantly the way you present yourself and communicate with the interviewer during the entire process.

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