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How to migrate to Canada?

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If you have considered moving to Canada, either you already are on the path to apply for a PR through Express Entry or you already have your CoPR (Conditional PR). You will show enough proof of funds to help you settle when you apply for a PR, use those funds wisely when you move to Canada and search for a job. While I do not have more details on what experience you have in the past to help you find your dream job in Canada, but it is really not that bad. Many persons have read both good and bad experiences of searching for a job in Canada after moving as a Permanent Resident, but no one can be exactly correlated to your experience. ONLY YOU can help yourselves at tough times. Do not lose hope, keep trying!

Most immigrants coming to Canada have similar situations like you, i.e. no job, no place to stay, no friends or any relatives. Probably that’s why immigrating is one of the most stressful things to deal.

Moving to Canada or any other country is a huge decision and it really needs a lot of contemplation. Please thoroughly review every aspect of your life before making a decision. Research your job prospects (fields, which city/province has more jobs in that field), check if you will be eligible to work in your field or will you have to take any bridging courses (mostly in medical and engineering fields it required to get Canadian accreditation). If you are not eligible than what will it take to be eligible, will you have to study? How much will be the fees? Is there govt. assistance for new immigrants (mostly they do)? Evaluate your worst-case scenarios from a financial perspective. Make a Plan and please do stick to it. Plan A, Plan B, Plan C… because when you are in a new country all by your own it’s very easy to get depressed and stressed if things don’t go the way you would like initially… And stressful situations don’t help in making good decisions. If you have a plan and backup plan you will be in better control of things and will be able to make better decisions. Our counselors at TOPS are here to guide you further till the end to end process.!!

It really doesn’t matter if you don’t have friends and family in Canada, We are sure you will make your own friends and family after your arrival in Canada as people here are very warm and welcoming.

No one knows your situation better than yourself. So work out a few if-then scenarios. Prepare yourself to deal with the toughest situation and make you mentally strong. Be Positive always.

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