How to gear up for the Non Technical Tricky Questions of Java Job Interview?

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Niral Modi

Last Updated: 17 Nov 2023

It happens to many of us, freezing up, when some tricky questions being asked. But, in order to win an Interview for Java, you need to learn, how to play the game of interview by answering not only the technical Java questions but also some tricky questions commonly being asked in any Interview; as the hire also gives weight age to these answers, apart from the technical ones. Plan out a strategy, before hand,  to handle these tricky questions being asked in a Java job interview. Let’s discuss how?

Before we start up with those tricky questions, let’s share some tips for handling tricky questions

Be prepared:

Preparation is the key to any Interview. A homework or say rehearsal done in Java technology, before a Java Interview, would save you from all those embarrassments and would add up to your confidence. You can prepare either by playing mock interview or by writing what answer you would probably give, when certain expected tricky questions of Java technology are being asked.

Be confident:

Your body language should not show up your discomfort, when a tricky question is being asked. You should appear confident rather than nervous.

Keep it short and concise:

When, being asked about a tricky question, you need to be short and up to the point. Don’t forget to relate your answers to the Java job you are applying for.

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Let us now discuss the most expected non technical tricky questions in a Java job interview and their probable answers:

1. What’s your biggest weakness?

This is a tricky double edged question, where you don’t want to reveal what you lack and it would be obvious lie to claim you don’t have any. So, what do you do? Just be honest by confessing your weaknesses and alternatively describing how you triumphed over it. Say for instance, if your weakness is- you act too hastily, then mould your answer in such a way that your weakness is shadowed by your positives i.e. You can say that  though you act hastily, but still you are so well versed with the technology that the outcome is always positive.

Another way of answering   this question may be like this-You would have gone through the Company’s profile and would be aware what qualities are considered as strengths. So, you need to admit only those weaknesses which are impertinent to the Java job requirement.

2. Why did you quit your last job?

Now, you are not supposed to say that you didn’t get along with someone or yours was a boring job or so… Never find faults with your old job; instead you need to give certain positive reasons to convince the employer that you left your old job for learning more about the Java technology. Talk about how joining this new Java job would contribute meticulously to your career progression, new challenges and more creativity in java technology. Stress on the fact that you are applying because it provides a better environment for growth in Java technology than your previous job.

3. Where do you see yourself in next five years?

This question is put up by the Employer to find out whether you are committed to the Java job to stay there for a considerable period of time and that your career progression goals are in line with the actual advancement route in the company. For this, you are required to speak about the goals related to the Java job and that you are looking forward to grow in line with the organization.

4.What are your salary expectations?

You need not be too specific to answer this question; instead turn the question to the interviewer and ask for, if there’s any salary bracket for the job, so that you don’t end up giving any outrageously high or embarrassingly low figure. Alternatively, you may do a bit of research in advance, that how much such similar Java jobs are paid and think about an appropriate figure.

5. Why should we hire you for the position?

Here, you are expected to link your education, skills, personality and experience of Java, to the Java job you are applying for. Utilize this occasion to show how much you know about the company. Do highlight your achievements and undertakings in java technology that you feel are relevant to get the Java job.

6. What is your greatest accomplishment?

It would be to your advantage if you mention an accomplishment that implies to the Java position you are applying for. Rehearse and provide details of the situation wherein you have triumphed by applying your skills, experience and hard work. Concisely, explain the situation, the role you played and the steps you took to overcome the situation.

These are certain tricky questions which you probably may be asked during a Java Job interview, apart from the technical ones. There are no fixed answers to these questions but before you respond, keep in mind, the Java job you are applying for, the company’s culture and the skills and abilities you posses. Review the questions and prepare a suitable answer ahead of time to gear up confidently for the Java job interview.

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