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How to Format a Cover Letter for Winning the Employers?

Before you start formatting of a cover letter, the first thing that you need to do is complete with the writing of the cover letter. It will give you idea about formatting that what should be the font size, what should be your font style, how to set the margin of your cover letter, how to do spacing, etc.

Let’s start with the font formatting of your cover letter:

You should use the same font size for your cover letter as you have used for your resume. Ensure that the font size should be between 10 to 12 px. Highlight the title of any subject in your cover letter using one size greater than the font that you have used for providing details. Using italic and bold fonts is not a professional lookout.

The Same is applicable to font style, keep your font style same as your resume has. Don’t need to use an exclusive font style for your resume or cover letter, the font style should be professional. You can use Times New Roman, Callibri to fulfil your purpose.

Spacing and Margin formatting of the Cover Letter.

Do you pay for using the space? No. Then why to be over conscious when it’s a matter of Spacing. Use spaces wherever required to make your cover letter organized and readable. This will create a positive impact on employers. Add space after every paragraph and after every section that gets completed.

Margin is quite different than spacing. Margin depends upon the size of your cover letter.

If your cover letter is lengthy and exceeding one page. Try to comprise it in one page, as I said that your cover letter should not be more than of one page. Don’t cut your wording for that, instead reduce the spacing between two lines which is normally about 1”. While you are reducing the spacing between line, ensure that you keep following same spacing for an entire cover letter to give an organized look to the letter.

If your cover letter is short, you can give a neat look by increasing the 1” spacing between lines. But don’t over exceed the spacing. Keep it between 1.25” to 1.50”.

Cover letter text:

Writing the cover letter like an essay is not an effective way to impress any employer. Try to break your letter in small paragraphs to make it easily readable to the employers. Click here to know how to format a cover letter.

It is better to revise your cover letter or take a help of any mentor who can guide you subjective to the cover letter. TOPS Technologies is one of the best outsourcing, training and placement company assisting students to make their career bright by providing the career oriented training and 100% placement guarantee. To know more about TOPS Technologies, visit nearer branch.

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