Gujarat IT Jobs: Technologies with the Least and Maximum Jobs

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Niral Modi

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2023

Being one of the most promising IT hubs in India, Gujarat has become a favorite place for IT engineers across India and new IT startups have being launched by entrepreneurs at each passing day. The future is here and if you love to play with logic and have a flair for IT technology, it is a right time for you to enter in the industry. Well, you don’t need to be an engineer to get a promising job in the IT sector. There are many institutes you can find offering such IT technology training programs. Here, we have discussed which IT technology offers maximum and least jobs in Gujarat. PHP: Almost all the IT companies design and develop websites in the PHP framework. The PHP framework is best for simple, user-friendly and comprehensive websites. Most of the clients prefer their websites to develop in the PHP framework. Undoubtedly, PHP technology offers maximum jobs in the IT industry in Gujarat. .NET: If we talk about Gujarat, .NET is not as much popular as PHP and if you check job portals for vacancies in Gujarat, you will not find many vacancies for .NET developers. Wordpress Development: Unlike .NET, you will find plenty of vacancies for WordPress developers in Gujarat. It is a CMS framework used mostly for the development of web applications. Android and iOS development: Here, you will find more vacancies for Android developers, but not for iOS developers as the android is still a most used mobile technology in India. For More Details visit: TOPS Technologies Or call us on 7622011173

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