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Graphic Designing

Graphic Design Careers, Job Market, Job Role and Salary

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Niral Modi

Last Updated: 16 Sep 2022

If you are among the people who really love art and designs or are just creative then read on how you can create a successful career in the things that you really enjoy. What does a Graphic Designer do? Graphic Designers create and transform information that needs to be conveyed by an image or art. As marketing professionals say 1 image can do the job of 1000 words, A small image can convey and express the thoughts of what a thousand words can do. A Graphic Designer creates small to large designs, Advertisements, Visiting Cards, Brochures, Banners, Bill Boards, Posters, Logos, Marketing Materials, Hoardings, Packaging Materials, Invitation Cards and a lot more. There is a job for a Graphic Designer in every company as social media and digital marketing increase companies are posting new images and graphics everyday and promoting themselves to the general public. A graphic designer basically creates and assembles different images to create a story and attracts the viewer to look at the image. Advertisements - A good designer can create such ads that it will stick to you for life. Large Brands are built with compelling images and visuals. Visiting Cards – A visiting card creates a first and lasting impression of a company. A well designed visiting card can create an impression of a large company. Marketing Materials – Marketing Materials like Brochures, Flyers, File Folders, all are created by Graphic Designers and can create a lasting impression of a company. Furthermore it can compel the viewer to buy the product. The best part of a Graphic Design Job is you are never bored. Every day you create new designs, images and visuals and enjoy doing what you love. What does it take to be a Good Graphic Designer? A good Graphic Designer has a fine sense of colors, typography and creativity. Each design or image that is created is expected to compel the user to perform an activity that the client wishes. For example if it’s advertisement the client would want people to remember their product or services or actually buy their product. If it’s a marketing brochure, the client might want to convey what the product does and then perform the action of buying the product. Finally ability to be flexible to hear clients ideas is the biggest thing that would be required. Imagine you creating a design and presenting it to your client and then them not liking it or asking for a few changes. In the end it is the clients decision of how they want to convey their message, so if they ask for changes you will have to change the designs. How can you become a Good Graphic Designer? The most popular Graphic Design tools and software that are common in the market are Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and CorelDraw.  Each of these software’s have different uses and can help create different type of images. Most talented and top notch Graphic Designers are masters of all of these software’s. The most common software among Graphic Designers is Adobe Photoshop due to its use among all the major industries of Printing and Advertising. What kind of Jobs are Available as a Graphic Designer? The most common Graphic Design job is of a Graphic Designer, production Designer, Ad writer, Web Designer, Content Writer, Ad designer, Copy writer. What kinds of salaries are paid to Graphic Designer? Normally a Graphic Designer starts with a salary of 10-25k per month but as the quality of the designs change the salary improves multifold. Imagine a person working on making designs for multi crore Rs advertisement budgets and their ability to get paid is huge. A full page ad in a newspaper is around Rs 20 lakh and a well designed ad could make or break the result of an ad, so great graphic designers are paid handsomely, sometimes they are paid in crores also. Can a Graphic Designer work as a freelancer? Yes a lot of a Graphic Designers work as Freelancers and also get to work from home. Due to the increase of Freelancer sites where people can get work on assignment basis. Graphic Designers working from home on specific assignments has increased exponentially. How can you become a Graphic Designer? TOPS Technologies is one of the largest IT Training, Outsourcing and Placement company in Gujarat. We provide training in IT Software Development, Graphic Design, Web Design and Hardware Networking in Ahmedabad, Baroda, Rajkot, Surat and Gandhinagar and then provide placements at almost all the major companies across Gujarat. To attend a Free Graphic Design workshop please visits our graphic Design Page.

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