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Why Digital Marketing

  • Wake Up To A Digital Age

Tell us a day in your college life when you have not checked your Facebook updates? Or a day when you have not checked your favorite channels on YouTube? Or a day when you have not checked about your tech updates on Google? Wondering? Left with no answer?  Yes, you are rising in digital age, where everything happens digitally.  The time when you have left behind the traditional marketing and invited digital marketing for your business growth.  Now knocking your gray cells and pondering about digital marketing? Digital marketing is any form of marketing products or services, which involves electronic devices.

  • Crack The Puzzling Question – Why Digital Marketing?

Unless you are stuck in 1980’s you would have probably heard the hype – digital marketing skills are literally in demand – the job market is booming for digital manager and plus the companies are focusing more on digital marketing.

Focus on these statistics:

Digital Marketing To Create 1.5 Lakh Jobs By 2016

Demand For Digital Marketing Professionals Will Rise By 38% This Year

Salary Of A Digital Marketing Manager is Rs 441,829 Per Year 

Along with this, with digital marketing you welcome bigger budgets, become an In-Demand Professional, get increased pay and benefit from more career choice. Moreover, the essential reason with digital marketing job the love for social channels and Google won’t be vanished.

  • Open Your Door To A Rewarding Career & Scale New Heights

The penetration of internet increases every minute and future of marketing is undoubtedly digital. With a Smartphone in almost every hand, the need of marketing your business on digital platforms will surely increase.  Moreover, advent of Search Engine Marketing in later part of 20th century, one cannot assume their business model without digital marketing.

  • Be A Savvy Digital Marketer with Tops Technology

Master strategic digital marketing concepts and various tools to address brand communication in a digital world with Tops Technology. Our courses are designed and delivered by leading digital experts. Your learning will be shaped by their practical experience, industry advice and best practice tips. Right from social media and content strategy to paid campaigns and analytics, you’ll learn digital-marketing tactics that greatly increase engagement.

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