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Last Updated: 09 Jan 2023

Android mobile operating system powers millions of mobile devices across the world. Several applications for gaming, business and various other needs are developed on this platform. There are certain tools mandatory for developing applications using Android. This article is a brief description about these Android development tools.

Android is a powerful operating system that drives millions of mobile devices across the world. This is a great platform for development of mobile games and apps that are popular among the mobile users today. In order to develop Android applications one requires certain development tools as well as knowledge of installing them for use. The tools are nothing but the software required to support the application development process. They are Android SDK, ADT Plugin, SDK packages and USB Drivers.

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Android training institute is the best place to learn about these development tools and process for their installation. Experts at these Android developer training institutes can provide the knowledge of what actually are the tools for development and what is the specific purpose of each and every tool used in the development process. 

Let us now discuss about the tools or necessary software that would be required for a developer to start developing the Android applications. 
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Android SDK

Android SDK or Software Development Kit as the name suggests is the set of tools required for development, testing and debugging of applications. These tools include the API libraries, emulator, sample projects with source code, debugger and a tutorial for the OS. The SDK enables a developer to build applications on this platform. You can choose to install the SDK package from

ADT Plugin

ADT or Android Development Tools Plugin is a plug-in meant for use with Eclipse IDE, an integrated development environment that allows development of Android applications. ADT will enhance the functionality of Eclipse so that the users can quickly and efficiently develop, test and debug applications. Eclipse with ADT provides all the necessary tools, XML editors, and debug output pane for application development.

Android SDK Packages

In order to make the complete use of software development kit, one needs to install Android SDK packages so that certain tools, platforms and components required for development can be accessed,. These are usually separated into modular packages in the SDK which can be installed with a SDK manager. The SDK manager can be launched by running the SDK manager.exe file (Window > Android SDK Manager) at the root of the Android SDK directory.

Google USB Driver

One needs to install a Google USB driver in order to connect to the Android-powered devices with the computer running on Windows OS in order to test the developed applications. This driver is just for the Windows OS where as for the MAC OS and Linux, no such driver is necessary to install.

Hence with these development tools installed on a device, one can easily develop Android applications using their knowledge of programming and applications development.

Android course is available in many countries across the globe. The courses are designed to help you learn about the Android development environment and tools that you need for developing Android applications. The tools that you need to develop Android applications vary depending on your needs and what you want to do with your app. If you only want to build a simple app, then there are plenty of free tools that will help you get started. However, if you want to build a complex app or an app with many features, then it’s best to invest in professional tools that will make your life easier.

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