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Top Software Testing Interview Questions You Should Know About!

October 12, 2020

After completion of your software testing course online, you would want to apply for jobs. However, if you are nervous about the questions that will be asked by your interviewer, we would say Worry not! Here’s a compilation of frequently asked questions on software testing to help you sail through your interview with a potential […]

What are the Skills Required for Android & iOS Developer?

September 26, 2020

Mobile apps and websites have changed the way we live our lives, right from the way we work to the way we run business, create content, and find entertainment! With the rapid advancement in technologies such as IoT and wearable devices, mobile developers need to keep expanding their skills and remain up-to-date with demands. As […]

5 Skills You Need to Become a Successful Web Designer!

September 21, 2020

In the present age of the internet, every organization needs a website to reach their target audience and establish their brand. This is one of the reasons why the demand for web designers is increasing. However, with popularity, comes competition. Web designers today need to adapt to different technologies and skills to enhance their knowledge […]

Utilizing Your Graphic Designing Skills during Lockdown

September 12, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to a grinding halt. Most economies have announced lockdowns forcing people to work and study from home. The period has been frustrating for those who like to be up and about, meeting their colleagues and friends.

Tips to Choose the Best Ethical Hacking Course

September 1, 2020

The importance of digital presence has become paramount for organizations since the onslaught of the pandemic. As a result, vulnerabilities in data safety have also increased. This calls in for the need for experts who can secure these vulnerabilities and ensure data safety for organizations and individuals.

Phases of Web Development You Need to Know About

August 26, 2020

According to recent statistics, 73% of companies invest in web designing. This statement indicates that companies are looking for web developers who can build custom websites for them. Web development is not only about coding and developing attractive visuals, it is all about meeting the clients’ needs and helping them achieve their organizational goals. If […]