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    Android Training in Gandhinagar

    Best Android Training Course with Live Projects and Get Placed as a Android App Developer by Top Companies

    Complete Android Developer Training by Leading IT Company Gandhinagar for those who want to start their career towards Mobile app development & Get Placed by top MNC companies.
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    Android Course in Gandhinagar With Job Placement

    Android App Training in Gandhinagar for Students & Professionals

    Android is an operating system, introduced by Google in 2007 and since then a lot of mobile companies runs this operating system. With such a large use-base, Android stands as a popular OS to stage a mobile application. And therefore, becoming an Android app developer carves a perfect career choice for students and experienced professionals to take a career leap.

    TOPS Technologies has an in-house team of Android trainers who channelize their experience and expertise to deliver comprehensive Android  Live Project Training.

    The Android Training curriculum focuses on students to make them seize every single development methodology and prepare them to have a command over android application development by end of course.

    With app development companies mushrooming in Gandhinagar, students can grab the prospect to opt what they wish to learn to become career ready in Android development. Visit TOPS Technologies Gandhinagar Training center to experience the free Demo lecture on Android.

    Personalized Android Course in Gandhinagar for Students & Pros

    TOPS Technologies can arrange a customized Android Training batch at your college or office premises to ensure the interested enthusiasts get the required training in Android development. We offer online coaching for Android app development.

    Sound good? Want to join? Queries about fees, duration? Feel free to email us at

    Get Mentored by the Android Experts in Gandhinagar
    Get Mentored by the Android Experts
    Work on Live Android Projects in Gandhinagar
    Work on Live Android Projects
    Get Hired Quickly in Gandhinagar
    Get Hired Quickly

    Training Includes

    Live Project
    Live Project
    Android Certification
    Android Certification
    Soft Skill Development
    Soft Skill Development
    Advanced Programs
    Advanced Programs

    Why Learn Android From TOPS

    Learn Android From the best Developers and Trainers
    Android Training in Gandhinagar

    Android Syllabus Curriculum

    Download Curriculum
    Introduction to Android 1 week
    • Introduction to Android
    • Introduction of Students
    • Career in Android
    • Working on Project and Assignment
    • Using Lab
    Fundamentals of Android 1 Week
    • – Software Engineering with SDLC
    • – Use Case
    • – DFD
    • – Flowchart
    • – SQL Database
    Android OS 1 Week
    • – Introduction to Android
    • – Android System with Architecture
    • – Android Architecture
    • – Development with Android – Platforms, Tools
    • – Versions
    • – Setup Android Environment
    • – Say Hello to Android Application
    • – Building Blocks of Android Application
    • – Work with Activity
    • – Activity Lifecycle
    • – Intents
    • – Fragments
    • – Fragment Lifecycle
    Android UI And Component Using Fragments 2 Week
    • – Create Android UI
    • – Working with Layouts
    • – Linear Layout
    • – Relative Layout
    • – Table Layout
    • – Grid Layout
    • – Create Custom Layouts
    • – Work with UI Components and Events
    • – Text View
    • – Edit Text
    • – Validate Data
    • – Button
    • – Checkbox
    • – Radio and Radio Group
    • – Rating Bar
    • – Progress Bar
    • – Seek Bar
    • – Web View
    • – Material Design Toolbar, Tab Layout
    • – Recycler View and Card View
    • – Butter knife
    • – Android Annotations
    Database Connectivity 1 Week
    • – Storage in Android
    • – Shared Preferences
    • – Shared Preferences Layout
    • – Android Requesting Permission at run time(Android 6.0)
    • – Work with SD Card and Files
    • – Database in Android
    • – Introduction to SQLite
    • – SQLite OpenHelper Class
    • – Create, Open and Close Database
    • – Database Insert, Update, Delete
    • – Read Data with Cursor
    • – Realm-No SQL Database
    Android Industry Real Time Project Implementation 8 Week
    • – Web Services and Parsing
    • – XML Parsing
    • – DOM Parsing
    • – SAX Parsing
    • – Pull Parsing
    • – JSON Parsing
    • – Access web data with JSON
    • – Connect to Web Services
    • – Using Async Task
    • – Third Party Libraries
    • • OkHttp
    • • Retrofit
    • • Glide
    • • Picasso – 2
    • – MySQL connectivity using JavaOR
    • – MySQL connectivity using PHP
    • – Web Service Connectivity
    Advance Android Development 2 Week
    • – Google Map, Location Service, and GPS
    • – Creating a Google Map
    • – Work with Location
    • – Location service with Location Manager
    • – Find Current Location
    • – Geocoding
    • – Graphics and Animation
    • – Work with 2D Graphics
    • – Bitmap
    • – Animation
    • – Frame Animation
    • – Tween Animation
    • – View Animation
    • – Multimedia in Android
    • – Play Audio Files
    • – Play Video Files
    • – Work in Background
    • – Services
    • – Notification Services
    • – Broadcast Receiver
    • – What are broadcast Receivers?
    • – Work with a broadcast receiver
    • Firebase
    • – FCM(Firebase Cloud Messaging)
    • – Social Media Integration
    • – Android App links Assistant
    Android Live Project 8 Week
    • – Work with Android System
    • – Wake Lock
    • – Text to Speech
    • – Camera
    • – Taking Picture with Camera
    • – Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
    • – Manage Bluetooth Connection
    • – Monitor and Manage Wi-Fi
    • – Sensor
    • – Understanding Sensor
    • – Access Sensors
    • – Development and Deployment
    • – Dalvik Debug Tool
    • – Logcat
    • – Emulator Control
    • – Device Control
    • – Work with ADB
    • – Connect Real Devices
    • – Execute Application on Real Device
    • – Publish your Application
    and Software


    Android Live Project : Online -Gadgets Shopping Application

    Android Live Project : Dabbawala Application (Online Food Delivery)

    Android Live Project : Online Crime Tracker Application

    Android live project : Online Crime Tracker application

    Wrongdoing tracker is an android application for announcing and griping violations. It is helpful for police division for taking care of data of offenders, make a move, set criminal’s status and enabling data to open. Natives can enroll with this application to enlist case through online procedure In the present framework manual technique is utilized where individuals should discover nearby police headquarters, document whine and routinely visit station to know status of their case. In this application, the individual who registers can just record grumble. You can enlist utilizing aadhar card to enlist grumbling to police headquarters, For influencing this undertaking we to have utilized Android and Java and for backend, we have to use Firebase online Database.

    Android live project : Dabbavala application(online food delivery)

    Nowadays every person is busy in their work. Some time they have forget the lunch box or tiffin at home. In this Dabbawala application user is first the registration in this. Then after they can order the home-made food or hotel-made food easily. In this application we can use the tracking system for our parcel. In this Dabbawala application user can check the various type of food which is available in the hotel or lounge and then he/she order the food. For making this project we have used Android and Java and for backend we have use Firebase online Database.

    Android live project : Online -Gadgets shopping Application

    This application gives Simple online Christmas shopping simply give you the most minimal shopping costs, the best shopping knowledge, the sharpest shopping process. Appreciate customized items, classes, and authority brands custom-made to your interests. Our shrewd cautions additionally guarantee you never miss a noteworthy markdown. We acknowledge an assortment of secure installment strategies including PayPal, charge card, Boleto, and even money down. We have utilized Android with java and Html5, css3, JQuery and for database, we have utilized Firebase online database



    Tops technologies is Good place to learn Android.

    Mahendra Singh Rajpurohit

    Good institute in Gandhinagar for Android training and placement.

    Prerak Shah

    Tops is really good Android training Institute for final year students and freshers


    It’s a very good career opportunity for learning in Android for fresher and experience in IT technologies. Very satisfied from Tops Technologies.


    Add to your IT skills with short term and Professional courses from TOPS with Live Projects in Basic and Advance technologies.

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    Add to your IT skills with short term and Professional courses from TOPS with Live Projects in Basic and Advance technologies.

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    Interview Question

    Is There A Case Wherein Other Qualifiers in Multiple Resources Take Precedence Over Locale?

    Yes, There are two cases where other qualifiers in multiple resources take precedence over the locale, the first one is MCC(Mobile Country Code) and the second one is MNC(Mobile Network Code)

    What Are The Different States Wherein a Process Is Based?

    There are main 4 possible states: • Foreground activity • Visible activity • Background activity • Empty process

    How Can The ANR Be Prevented?

    There is one method that prevents the ANR, with using child thread we can place the code in the child thread, so the actual coding can work in the child thread and the main thread can run with minimal chance of being unresponsive for the longer periods of the time.

    What Role Does Dalvik Play In Android Development?

    Dalvik is the place where all the applications run, it serves as a virtual machine. Using dalvik, one device can work with multiple virtual machines efficiently with proper memory management.

    What Is The AndroidManifest.xml?

    This file declared in the root directory. It is essential for every a[pplication. this file contains all the information that the android os must now about the project before coding is executed.


    Which Is The Best Android Training Company in Gandhinagar?

    TOPS Technologies is the Best Android Training company in Gandhinagar –Over 100,000 students have been trained by us and we have tie-ups with 3000+ IT Companies. We offer each student a demo to check our quality which ensures the best learning experience.

    What Are The Android Course Fees in Gandhinagar?

    Android Course Training fees vary by your background. It is very difficult to share Android Fee Structure without knowing your background and what you want to learn. Learning Android has many modules and hence it is difficult to give an exact Android fee structure. We do offer Free training and placements for talented students.

    What Is The Android Course Duration?

    Android course Duration varies by the program students choose and the background of the student. A student wanting to learn core Android can complete it in 7 days Android Bootcamp and 90 days also. So the duration depends on a lot of different factors and cant be an exact duration unless the background is understood.

    Is Free Android Training Available?

    TOPS Technologies does offer Free Android training to talented students for Final Year Project and Placement oriented programs. We also have the best IT companies of Gujarat that have given us funds to sponsor students training programs and then they hire the students.

    Android Course Material and Syllabus

    Our Full Android Course Material and syllabus is available on our website. The Android Tutorials includes everything that a student requires to become a Android Developer and get placement as a Android Programmer.

    What Are The Android Batch Timings?

    TOPS Technologies is one of the largest Training and software development companies and offers a wide variety of different Android batch timings. We offer Early Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Weekend batches

    Do You Offer Placements for Android?

    Yes TOPS Technologies has a dedicated team of 50+ placement professionals who interact with the best IT Company of Gujarat and get the best Placement opportunities for our students. Every year TOPS organizes the TOPS Jobfest where 50+ IT Companies interview and hire 1000+ of TOPS Trained students. Furthermore every 2 weeks we organize the CampusFest where companies come to our offices and select TOPS Trained students.

    Whats Areas and Locations You Offer in Gandhinagar?

    TOPS Technologies has students from a lot of different areas including Kudasan, Uvarsad, Adalaj, Chiloda, Himmatnagar, Kalol



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