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PHP or ASP.NET - Which should you Learn for a Better Career? | 0Comments


When it comes to learning a programming language to build career in the software development sector, there are three major choices one can look out for - ASP.NET, PHP and Java. While java remains the choice of few because of its complex nature and difficulty in learning, PHP and ASP.NET remain the most preferred programming languages for learning.

Php Job hunting tips- tools to search your dream Php job | 0Comments


Php Job hunting or say Php Job searching could be a tedious process for many, not until you plan your proper job search plan. Unlike before, just looking out for advertised vacancies, today we have various options for job search. The more ways you try to find a Php job, the chances for succeeding are more.

How to find a Live Project in PHP? | 0Comments


Live project training is quite popular these days among the individuals opting to do project work either for educational needs or to enhance their skills and knowledge for better career opportunities. Live project training promotes better understanding of the technology as the learners here get to work on real-time projects. There are number of

Learn to Use Regular Expressions to Search Patterns in PHP | 0Comments


Regular expression is a sequence of characters that are used for searching specific patterns matching the sequence in a given text. POSIX and Perl Compatible Regular Expressions are two widely used forms of regular expressions that are used in PHP. Let us now see in detail what are regular expressions and how are they used in PHP. Regular exp

Learn Working with Strings in PHP | 0Comments


Manipulation of strings is an important concept in PHP. Various operations can be performed on strings including finding the string length, search for position of specific characters in the string, replace existing characters with new values and much more. PHP is an open source scripting language widely popular as an effective web development pl

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Talk of the town from Gujarat Samachar on 19th July 201422nd August, 2014

Gujarat Samachar have released News of Tops Technology and have appreciated the achievement of Tops


Ensight Campus Drive on 23rd August 2014 at C.G.Road, Ahmedabad
From 1st September, 2014

The most part of the Ensigt is merged with SEO services and Technology development had visited at To

Independence Day Celebration – 15th August 2014
From 30th August, 2014

In the 68th year of Independence Day, Tops decided to celebrate by spreading the message of “Unity

Friendship Day – 2nd August 2014
From 30th August, 2014

When all friends gather under one roof for working, then the enthusiasm and efficiency will definite