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Android Training in Ahmedabad

Training for Students and Experienced Professionals

TOPS Technologies brings to you an interactive Android course. This Android Training Institute in Ahmedabad provides you an effective platform to explore virtually limitless opportunities in software development. Already a brand name in Ahmedabad and other important cities of India; TOPS has carved a promising career for over 10,000 candidates in Android Mobile Development. With hands-on training and highly skilled teaching staff, TOPS enables you to create your own real-time Android application.

If you are also looking for an Android Training Course in Ahmedabad that is focused on building your expertise for the subject, TOPS Technologies is the place for you. Also, a risk free demo about Android Courses in Ahmedabad will further strengthen your belief in TOPS.

We request you to come to our training center in Ahmedabad and talk to any of our past placed students and also attend a risk free demo to see what makes TOPS different from other institutes for Android training in Ahmedabad.

Android Live Project Training in Ahmedabad

At TOPS Technologies, we provide live project training in Android to final year IT students. If you are a final year student with an ambition to become a mobile apps developer, then opting for our Android project training can help you gain a competitive advantage for securing the best jobs in the software industry today, the Android jobs where you are sure to get higher salaries and good luxuries while earning.

Our Android project training program will give you the best knowledge of the Android technology and exclusive hands-on training on live projects. This will enhance your job profile and brighten your chances for getting selected for a job. So what are you waiting for? Just enroll to our live project training in Android and maximize your chances to secure the best Android jobs in Ahmedabad city.

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Ahmedabad Office (C G Road)
903 Samedh Complex,
Next to Associated Petrol Pump, CG Road,
Ahmedabad 380009.
+91 99747 55006

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Ahmedabad Office (Maninagar)
401, Amruta Arcade 4th Floor, Maninagar Char Rasta, Nr Rly Station Maninagar,
+91 99748 63333

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Ahmedabad Office (Naranpura)
306, Aarambh Complex, Ankur Cross Road, Naranpura,
Ahmedabad – 380013,
+91 76240 07666

Live Project Training Android

live project training Android | Android training | live project training in ahmedabad | Android training in ahmedabad | Android courses | Android Jobs | Android companies

While working on live projects in Android, one can gain the best experience of implementing the actual concepts of the technology which you had earlier learned just theoretically in your learning phase. You will actually learn the way the projects are developed at the companies. The experience of getting to learn about how the concepts you had learned in your Android classes are actually used in project development is itself very interesting. Through live project training Android you will get familiar with the development process adopted at the companies and the knowledge for the real-time project development based on Android.

At TOPS Technologies, we provide training on live projects to final year IT students. If you are a final year student with an ambition to become a mobile apps developer, then opting for our live project training Android can help you gain a competitive advantage for securing the best jobs in the software industry today, the Android jobs where you are sure to get higher salaries and good luxuries while earning.

Why Live Project Training Android?

Android is a mobile operating system using which one can develop applications for mobile devices. There is great demand for Android phones in the global market. There are great employment opportunities waiting for the skilled Android developers today. The study from a recent survey reveal that there has  been good percentage increase in Android users internationally which has risen up to be 62% in the recent times. More than 60% of mobile phone users across the world today are Android mobile users. The day by day increasing demand is creating the need of professional Android developers in the market. Hence this indicates the wide scope of opportunities available in the present scenario for an Android developer. Moreover there are fairly high salaries given to an Android developer even as a fresher. Even a beginner can earn something around INR 3-5 lakh per annum which is possible to get in other software fields only when two to three years of experience has been achieved. The final year project can play an important role in starting phase of an individual when he/she is looking for job with no previous experience of real-time work. In this case if you have done your final year project on Android, there are better chances for you to score a job at a reputed company than any other fresher who has no previous experience in Android development.

Live Project Training Android by TOPS

At TOPS Technologies, learning to work on projects is quite easy with expert project trainers to guide you through out the training period. While working on live projects or live project training Android at TOPS, you will have access to the expert Android developers in our company who have years of expertise in developing the customized applications for the clients. You will work closely with these experts on the real-time client projects. While live project training Android you will definitely get doubts and may have to face various problems due to insufficient knowledge in the beginning phase. But with our trainers doubts and problems will not be an issue at all, as they will guide you at each and every step helping you understand the very best of the things you are deploying or during the project work.

At TOPS we follow the agile development approach for the project and hence we teach the same to our trainees during live project training in Android.

Project Definition & Selection:


Project definition is basically the definition statement of the project stating what actually the project is about. This gives the trainee a basic understanding what actually will the specific project do and hence help them in selection process. For live project training Android initial requirement would be the selection of an appropriate project definition to work on. Hence, we initially provide with the project definition samples or templates of a few real-time projects to our trainees for selection. As we are an outsourcing and a software development company we have number of real-time projects from our clients to provide students to work on. Hence the students will have exposure to real-time projects during their project training rather than the dummy projects which are usually offered to the students in name of cheaper project training courses in the market today. In the case if a trainee does not have sufficient knowledge of what is best for him/her, we can even help them during the project selection.

Drawing Flow Charts


Flow chart is a diagrammatic representation of the process carried during the project work. Flow charts can help a third person easily realize what is going on in the project and thereby help the trainee understand the flaws, bottlenecks, and other less-obvious features within it. Developing or drawing flow charts is what we teach our trainees during live project training. Right from simple to more complex flow charts required for large-scale projects we will train our students for easy and efficient flow chart development process in our live project training Android.

Database and User Interface Design


To essential things for an Android apps development project will be the database for the back end storage and user interface for front-end development. At TOPS, we have expert developers team who can very well teach you the concepts required for development of GUI for Android apps while our database management experts will provide training on development and management of database as a back end storage tool for the requirements of your project.



Once you are ready with project layout or design, the next important step you are required to do will be the coding part which will add the required to functionality to the components in the project. As an Android developer you will be required to have the basic knowledge of Java programming. Hence, at TOPS during the live project training Android we will, give you access to the expert Java developers who can teach you the important concepts in Java development. All you are required to do is to get the maximum knowledge from these Android developers who are proficient in the Android development work.

Testing & Deployment


Testing is an important activity in the software development approach carried out to check the quality and reliability of the product developed. Finally when you are ready with your project you will have to test it for the reliable performance and hence deploy it in a real-time environment. At TOPS we have expert software testing trainers team who can teach you the best methods to deploy for a real-time Android project testing. We will teach you the process of deploying the Android projects in cloud environment and also allow free deployment of your live project on cloud.

Features of Live Project Training Android at TOPS

Please have a look at few examples of Android project training templates of TOPS Technologies.

1. Project Name: Springpad
2. Project Name: Grocery Gadget
3. Project Name: VehiCal – Car Expense Management



  • "TOPS Technologies is the place where I have transformed myself from a Collage student to a Professional IT Developer who has knowledge of IT Sector in detail, and which I think no one else could do it in such a fine way." - Kinjal Gajjar, Ahmedabad
  • "I got a job in a very good company just because of the fantastic training and a support I have received from the TOPS Training Team and the amazing support from the Placement Team. “ - Dhruvil Patel, Baroda
  • “I face a sort of words to talk about TOPS Technologies. I just cannot say anything for TOPS other than “WONDERFUL”. After taking training in an Android OS for a mobile development.” - Pranav Lathigara, Rajkot
  • "From the first day to the end of my course at TOPS I kept on learning new thing about mobile apps in an android each and every day I was finding something new, which I find very interesting and helpful.” -Swapnil Palrecha, Surat
  • “I am greatly impressed with the young and energetic team of TOPS Technologies. All the faculties and also the admin staff members are in very energetic state and always happy to help in any kind of problems" - Avani Nagar, Indore
  • "I spent around 6 months in TOPS Technologies, but I don’t remember any day or any situation where I faced any kind of difficulty in my android training, though it is quite tough as its base is JAVA, but I never felt so." - Tinkle Jain , Kota
  • “The main reason for joining the TOPS Technologies was the Demo lecture, which are conducted before joining. Here one can get assured before investing money" - Ajay Prasad Nautiyal, Dehradun
  • “After going through many different institutes providing IT Training, I found TOPS Technologies the best in all of them in terms of trainers, atmosphere, co operation of trainers, subjective knowledge, exams that they have conducted in an android and then suggestions to you where you are weak. All where outstanding." - Ketan Patel, Baroda
  • “I was curious to work in MNC Company as an android developer that’s why I have joined Tops to be an expert in developing Android applications. Today my dream has come true. I am a senior android developer in one of the known MNC. Thanks to tops for that.” - Nirav Ranpara , Rajkot
  • “I have joined tops technologies for Java training. And as my training was gone so excellent I decide to enroll for an android. And I have got the same training from the trainers which I had expected to have. It’s really a great institution to increase your knowledge. Thanks tops.” - Wilson Solanki, Maninagar
  • “The detailing in UI module was fantastic from the trainer sir. Thanks and I wish I will be back to your institute to learn more and more.” - Priya Pareta, Kota
  • “After going through many different institutes providing IT Training, I found TOPS Technologies the best in all of them in all terms." - Vatsal J Patel, Mahesana

Module 1 - Fundamentals
Module 2 - Programming with Java
Module 3 - Android OS
Module 4 - Android UI And Component
Module 5 - Storage In Android
Module 6 - Storage In Android
Module 7 - Applicability To Industrail Projects
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