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    Salesforce Training Course

    Complete Salesforce Classes & Course with TOPS Technologies. Learn at the best training institute to land a good Job & establish a successful career!

    Transform your Career towards Sales Force Development or administration with Best Salesforce Training course and certification. Learn via Practices, Live Projects, and Interview Questions Assurance.
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    Salesforce Training Course With Job Placement

    What is Salesforce?

    Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform to bring customers and companies together. It is the most demanded CRM suite for small, medium, and large enterprises to manage all the departments like marketing, sales, customer service, etc. With our salesforce training, you will be able to gain industry-relevant skills to become a successful system administrator or salesforce consultant.

    Why Choose Our Salesforce Course?

    Nowadays, many organizations are using Salesforce to connect with their customers, maintain their records and solve their problems quickly. Companies like Adidas, Amazon, Apollo Group, CEAT, HCL, Intel, etc use this platform. Thus, the demand for Salesforce experts, including Salesforce developers and administrators, is increasing day by day. Our Salesforce course will introduce you to the fundamentals of Salesforce and cloud computing and gradually move to advance concepts such as data management and reporting through hands-on sessions from industry experts.

    How Can TOPS Help You Transform Your Career?

    At TOPS Technologies, we offer comprehensive learning modules and have qualified tutors to help you develop and manage web applications on one of the most popular CRM platforms in the world. Our salesforce classes will help you to manage the workflow and utilize the different features. You can learn how to leverage the platform and establish your career in one of the most lucrative IT fields.

    What Can You Expect from our Salesforce Course:

    • Introduction to salesforce CRM with application building blocks, declarative, and programmatic framework with expert guidance every step of the way.
    • You will learn how to build a data model and create custom applications with Live projects and hands-on training sessions.
    • Master how to design and develop applications on Salesforce for multiple users by using various features and functionalities of the CRM platform.
    • Work on programming framework using apex and visual force to make applications using various controllers and extensions.
    • Learn every concept with crystal clear clarity by working on real-time scenarios, live projects, and practical examples.

    Get Hands-on Salesforce Training Today with TOPS!

    Join the Salesforce Training program at TOPS Technologies and kickstart your career as a Salesforce Expert. TOPS Technologies is the trusted Salesforce training institute to learn the essentials and get a certificate along with live project training experience and job placement.

    If you want to know more about the course, fees, duration, and more, drop us an email at or visit your nearest TOPS training institute.

    Get Mentored by the Salesforce Experts
    Get Mentored by the Salesforce Experts
    Work on Live Salesforce Projects
    Work on Live Salesforce Projects
    Get Hired Quickly
    Get Hired Quickly

    Training Includes

    Live Project
    Salesforce Live Project
    Salesforce Certification
    Salesforce Certification
    Soft Skill Development
    Soft Skill Development
    Advanced Programs
    Advanced Programs

    Why Learn Salesforce From TOPS

    Learn Salesforce From the best Trainers
    Salesforce Training Course

    Salesforce Curriculum

    Download Curriculum
    Fundamentals Of Salesforce 2 weeks
    • Introducation To Salesforce CRM
    • what is Salesforce and cloud computing?
    • what is
    • SFDC multitenant architecture
    • SFDC editions
    • SFDC dev environment overview & setup
    • Declarative (point & click) programmatic framework (apex and visualforce)
    • Allication building blocks
    • Introduction of sample app
    • How to create development org
    Declarative Framework Using - point & click 4 week
    • Designing application on
    • Learn about factors to consider when building a data model
    • Develop custom objects and fields
    • Create master detail, lookup, and many to many relationship
    • create custom application
    • Adding tabs to the application
    • Customizing page layouts and mini page layouts
    • Roll-up summary fields
    • Designing applications for multiple users
    • Learn about factors to consider when designing applications for multiple users
    • Create and customize the profile to manage the user experience
    • Create and customize permission sets to manage the user experience Employ organization-wide defaults, sharing rules, roles, role hierarchy, public group, and manual sharing to control access to records
    • Analyze suitability of field-level security, page layouts, and record type to satisfy business requirements
    • Implement and automating business process
    • Use validation rules to enforce conditional required behavior
    • Create parallel approval processes and approval processes with dynamic approval routing to automate business processes
    • Establish approval process criteria with cross-object formulas.
    Programming Framework - Using Apex and Visualforce 4 Week
    • Introduction
    • MVC framework
    • OOPs concepts
    • What is apex language
    • When to use apex
    • How apex works
    • Understanding core concepts
    • Data type
    • Collections
    • Control flow statements
    • Classes object and interface
    • Quickstart
    • Creating custom object in your code
    • Adding apex class
    • Adding apex trigger
    • Adding test class
    • Working with data in Apex
    • sObject types
    • Adding and retrieving data
    • DML
    • SOQL and SOQL Queries
    • SOQL for loops
    • sObject collectios
    • Dynamic apex
    • Apex security and sharing
    • Customizing UI with visualforce pages
    • What is VF
    • Permissions for VF developer
    • What are the benefits
    • When to use VF
    • Developer mode
    • Compiling visualforce successfully
    • Creating your first page
    • Displaying field values with visualforce
    • Using the visualforce component library
    • Overriding an existing page with a visualforce page
    • Redirecting to a standard object list page
    • Using input components in a page
    • Adding and customizing input fields labels
    • Setting the tab order for fields in a form
    • Displaying related list for custom object
    • Controller and extension
    • standard controller
    • Custom controller
    • Custom extension
    Advanced Coding Concepts 1 Week
    • Email services – how to receive and send emails in salesforce
    • Batch classes
    • Apex scheduler
    Data Management and Reporting 1 Week
    • Using data loader vs data import data wizard
    • Using
    • Concept of external id
    • Working with upsert operation
    • sample data load
    • Report & Dashboard
    and Software


    Rama Sukla

    TOPS offers best Sales force training that help students like us to become expert in our carriers as well as get job easily to IT sector. I think all should try TOPS for IT training course.

    Jay Sinha

    Highly recommend TOPS Technologies Surat for Sales force learning course. I have learnt from the basic fundamental concepts to advanced practicals. Happy to work in real time projects. Thanks for giving me proper training for my career.

    Shahrukh Desai

    My experience was super to learn lean sales force at Baroda TOPS Technologies. Trainers as well as management are supportive and good persons. Environment is nice, cleanness. I just got job in to software company. Happy and thank you TOPS.

    Pratibha Bissa

    Good place for doing training in salesforce at TOPS Technologies(C G road).

    Virendra Bharatkumar Vyas

    I would like to thank Dhaval Sir and TOPS technologies. it was a great experience for me to get a bunch of Knowledge in salesforce from here. Thank you.

    Juned Mehar

    Nice environment for doing training in salesforce from tops technologies(C G road), thank you TOPS Technologies for makes my future.

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