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    NodeJS Training Course

    Get NodeJS Certification Training & Course at the Best Institute with Job Placement. Enrol in Our Classes to Learn NodeJS and Become an Expert in the field!

    TOPS Technologies Node Training Course to learn how to build robust and powerful web and mobile applications with the help of Node Js. Training by Certified Trainers, Live Project Training, Interview Questions, and Job Assurance Provided!
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    Overview Curriculum

    NodeJS Training Course With Job Placement

    In today’s software industry, Nodejs has been widely popular for software engineers and web developers who want to utilize server-based javascript to build tools and web applications that run in Windows, Mac, Linux using Google’s V8 engine. Companies like Linkedin, Uber, PayPal, NASA.

    Nodejs is a platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications. Nodejs will focus on how to build a fast and lightweight application. TOPS Technologies offers a Certified Nodejs training program that covers node js fundamentals, MongoDB, security, and authentication, etc. which will help a candidate undergoing this program become hands-on and able to develop web applications using Nodejs. After completion, of course, TOPS Technologies certified Nodejs Training program will help you to get placed in good companies.

    You will have a career path as a front-end developer, full stack developer, Senior Node.js Developer, back-end developer, lead software developer. Interested to know more? Tell us your queries at or visit TOPS Training Centers. TOPS Technologies training institutes are located in  SuratVadodaraGandhinagarAhmedabadRajkot & Nagpur.

    Get Mentored by the NodeJS Experts
    Get Mentored by the NodeJS Experts
    Work on Live NodeJS Projects
    Work on Live NodeJS Projects
    Get Hired Quickly
    Get Hired Quickly

    Training Includes

    Live Project
    Node JS Live Project
    NodeJS Certification
    NodeJS Certification
    Soft Skill Development
    Soft Skill Development
    Advanced Programs
    Advanced Programs

    Why Learn NodeJS From TOPS

    Learn NodeJS From the best Trainers
    NodeJS Training Course

    NodeJS Syllabus Curriculum

    Introduction to NodeJS 1 week
    • Introduction
    • Advantages & Features
    • Web Site that use node js
    • Environment Setup
    • Simple App Hello World
    • NPM
    Fundamental Of NodeJS 1 Week
    • Call Back Function
    • Event Loop
    • LIBUV
    • Event Emitter
    • Buffer
    • Stream
    • File System (FS)
    • Process
    • What is the Process?
    • Managing Process?
    • Create a Background Process?
    • Task Runner
    • Uses of the Global Object
    NodeJS Modules 2 Week
    • What is Module in NodeJs?
    • How can we use nodejs module
    • Core Modules
    • HTTP
    • URL
    • query string
    • path
    • util
    • Utility Modules
    • OS Module
    • Path Module
    • Net Module
    • DNS Module
    • Domain Module
    • Local Modules
    • Export Modules
    • Create Web Server
    • Server ports and listening
    • Handle HTTP Request
    • Sending JSON Response
    Work with NPM In NodeJS 2 Week
    • QR-image
    • lite-uploader
    • Express JS
    • Introduction
    • Advantages
    • Installation
    • Express JS Web App
    • Create Web Server
    • Configure Routes and return data in JSON
    • Handle POST Request
    • Body Parser
    Create REST API Using NodeJS 3 Week
    • Express with MySQL
    • Setup XXAMP for MySQL
    • Import MYSQL using NPM
    • Define database Configuration
    • Define Express App and Create Route For API URL
    • Create HTML Page to Manage API
    • Express with MongoDB
    • Setup MongoDB with Compass Tool
    • Install Mongoose NPM
    • Install MongoDB NPM
    • Define DB Schema
    • Define Routes for GET/POST/DELETE/PUT and manage code for MongoDB
    NET (TCP) and Web Sockets In NodeJS 2 Week
    • How do socket servers differ with HTTP
    • What we can do Using TCP and WebSockets
    • Server and Client
    • Native App vs Web App
    • HTML5 and Web Socket
    • Socket IO
    Advance JavaScript In NodeJS 2 week
    • Code quality
    • Debugging in Chrome
    • Automated testing with mocha
    • Coding Style
    • Polyfills
    • Objects: the basics
    • Object and Symbol Type
    • Garbage collection
    • Constructor, this, new
    • Objects, classes, inheritance
    • Advanced working with functions
    • Recursion and stack
    • Rest parameters and spread operator
    • Closure
    • Global Object & function Object
    • Decorators and forwarding, call/apply
    • Function binding
    • Arrow functions revisited
    • Forms, Controls, Regular Expression
    • Promises, async/await
    • Introduction: callbacks
    • Promise
    • Promises chaining
    • Promise API
    • Async/await
    • XMLHttpRequest and AJAX
    • Error handling
    • Error handling, “try..catch”
    • Custom errors, extending Error
    and Software


    Niraj V Vyas

    Its almost 1 and half year ago I have completed my Node Js training at TOPS Technologies Baroda. Now I am Snr. Backend Node Js developer at popular IT company Gandhinagar. Thanks TOPS for making my life!

    Jaimin Sutaliya

    Thanks TOPS Technologies for making my career in Node JS. I have learnt many new things with real time project practical and after completion of training, I got certificate, interview questions and got chance to go for interview at IT companies.

    Sheetal Radadiya

    Most recommended institute in ahmedabad for NodeJs training. They have good placement offers for students plus great teaching environment.

    Akruti Desai

    From my experience I can surely say that TOPS Technologies is the best place for NodeJS training in ahmedabad. They have the best learning atmosphere.

    Shubham Sinha

    It was a great experience of learning NodeJS at TOPS Technologies. Trainers are very supportive and helpful. The lecture rooms and lab are nice, clean. I recently completed my NodeJS training and got placed with good package. Thank you TOPS Technologies.

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    Interview Question

    What Is NodeJS?

    Nodejs is a web application framework built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript Engine(V8 Engine).

    What Do You Mean By Asynchronous API?

    All APIs of Nodejs library are asynchronous that is non-blocking. It essentially means a Node.js based server never waits for an API to return data. Server moves to next API after calling it and a notification mechanism of Events of Node.js helps server to get a response from the previous API call.

    Is Node A Single Threaded Application?

    Yes! Node uses a single threaded model with event looping.

    What Is A Blocking Code In NodeJS?

    If an application has to wait for some I/O operation in order to complete its execution any further then the code responsible for waiting is known as blocking code.

    What Is Piping In Node?

    Piping is a mechanism to connect the output of one stream to another stream. It is normally used to get data from one stream and to pass the output of that stream to another stream. There is no limit on piping operations. Consider the above example, where we’ve read test.txt using reader stream and write test1.txt using writer stream. Now we’ll use the piping to simplify our operation or reading from one file and writing to another file.