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Machine Learning Course In Gandhinagar

Full Machine Learning course in Gandhinagar with Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Python

Learn Machine Learning with Live Project taught by experienced Trainers and Industry Professionals. Become Machine learning pro to avail relevant skills, exposure and academic pedigree with us.
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Certified Machine Learning Course with Job Placement Pursue a high-growth career with latest machine learning course in Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar is gradually emerging as the technology hub of Gujarat. Make the most out of it with TOPS Technologies’ machine learning course in Gandhinagar. Experience a career jump like never before as this machine learning course prepares you for a role in the data science field with deep learning. Also, you get the hands-on experience of implementing your in-class learning in the practical sessions that prepares you for roles like machine learning architects and engineers, technology and solution architects, etc.

TOPS Technologies offers a machine learning course in Gandhinagar, boasting top-class in-house faculties having extensive knowledge and experience in the field across industries and roles. It is your chance to unlock the true potential with a new learning curve by enrolling in this machine learning course.

We stand atop the rest with the experience of placing over 12,000 students to top positions in the IT industry over the years. Come alone, bring your friends and parents to TOPS Technologies at Gandhinagar to know more about the machine learning course. Also, you can register for a risk-free demo session to make the right choice.

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Personalized Machine Learning Course for Students and Working Professionals

We have an experienced team with us to tailor a perfect machine learning course for your college, school, or office. The intent is to fit in the machine learning framework that brings value to education for students and enhance employees’ knowledge.

Get Mentored by the Data Science Experts
Get Mentored by the Data Science Experts
Work on practical Machine Learning Projects
Work on practical Machine Learning Projects
Get Hired Quickly
Get Hired Quickly

Training Includes

Live Project
Machine Learning Project
Machine Learning Certification
Machine Learning Certification
Soft Skill Development
Soft Skill Development
Advanced Programs
Machine Learning Course with Python

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Best Machine Learning Course
Machine Learning Training Course

Machine Learning Course Syllabus

Download Curriculum
Python Essentials 2 week
  •  Introduction to Python
  •  Programming Style
  •  Conditional Statements
  •  Loops
  •  Controls
  •  String Manipulations
  •  Accessing Strings
  •  Functions and Methods
  •  Collections
  •  Modules
  •  Exceptional Handling
Data Preprocessing 1 Week
  •  Importing libraries and Databases
  •  Categorizing Data
  •  Creating a Data Preprocessing table
  •  Understanding and identifying missing Data
  •  Data Clustering
  •  Data Classifications and its types
Getting Started with Machine Learning 2 Week
  •  Regression
  •  Classification
  •  Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
  • Linear Regression
  •  Data Regularization
  •  Modeling of Time Series
  •  Data Mining
Machine Learning Libraries 2 Week
  •  Numpy
  •  SciPy
  •  Pandas
  •  Matloplib
  •  Sckit-learn
  •  TensorFlow
  •  Keras
Machine Learning Certification And Practical Projects 8 Week
  •  Project Case Study
  •  Ecommerce Purchase Predictions and Algorithm
  •  Insurance Policy Quote Predictions and Algorithm
and Software


Add to your IT skills with short term and Professional courses from TOPS with Live Projects in Basic and Advance technologies.

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Add to your IT skills with short term and Professional courses from TOPS with Live Projects in Basic and Advance technologies.

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