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Course Highlights

Unleash the Potential of Your Kids with Our Coding Classes!

Let Your Kids Learn with Our Top-Notch Instructors in Ahmedabad

With the advancements in the digital age, it is important to introduce your child to the latest technology tools and techniques so that they are better prepared for the future. At TOPS Technologies, we have qualified instructors and the resources to help your kids learn computer coding in an easy-to-follow and comprehensive manner. Our coding classes in Ahmedabad are designed in a fun and interactive way to help your child develop an interest in science and technology.

How Can Our Coding Classes in Ahmedabad Help Your Child?

Our coding classes in Ahmedabad are curated by experts to offer training sessions that help children develop analytical and logical skills. With our learning modules, your child will be able to design and launch dynamic mobile applications and games with hands-on training and personalized guidance every step of the way.

Here’s How We Can Help Your Kids Learn Computer Coding:

  • Our computer programming course in Ahmedabad is outcome-driven. We will introduce various coding concepts to children in a fun way so that they are clear on the fundamentals.
  • We will teach your child to use block programming and learn different computer programming languages with hands-on training.
  • We understand that every child learns differently. Hence, we provide personalized training so that your child can learn the concepts with crystal clear clarity.
  • Our computer classes in Ahmedabad will help your child to apply mathematical concepts in real-life situations.

At the end of our coding classes, your child will learn the importance of teamwork by working on various technological platforms and have an in-demand skill-set and enhanced creativity that will help them establish their career in the future.

Why Choose TOPS as Your Child’s Training Partner in Ahmedabad?

TOPS Technologies is a leading IT training institute in Ahmedabad that has helped students gain a fresh perspective in various subjects. We have different modules for various age groups to facilitate proper learning. With our computer programming course, your child will gain confidence and develop essential skills. We will provide them with a safe environment and a unique learning platform to learn coding and other cutting-edge programming technologies in an engaging way.

Teach Your Kids Coding From Scratch with Our Experts!

Our coding classroom and online courses in Ahmedabad are designed to inspire fun and creativity in children’s approach towards programming. We create an environment wherein our students can explore different tools and technologies. We can help unleash the potential of your child when it comes to developing computational and problem-solving skills.

 Empower your child’s future with our coding classes in Ahmedabad by calling us at +91 - 7622011173 or write to us at for any inquiries!

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Course Curriculum

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  • Basic Projects: - Make Shape, flying story
  • Make Story
  • Birthday Card
  • 3D Infiniity/Name - Pen Extension
  • Dancing Party - Goal
  • Intermediate Projects:Maze Game
  • Chat Bot
  • Hit the sprite - video sensing ext
  • Death Race
  • Dodge Ball
  • Dodge Ball L-2
  • Platform Starter
  • Platform Starter L-2
  • Catch Balloons - video sensing ext
  • Shark vs Scuba Man
  • Shark vs Scuba Man L-2
  • Shooting Defense
  • space war
  • Shooting Defense L-2
  • Flappy Bird
  • A Rainbow pin wheel - Pen Extension
  • Flappy Bird L-2
  • Cat and Mice
  • Cat and Mice L-2
  • Paddle and Brick
  • Story with Text to Speech - ML
  • Basketball - Video sensing Ext
  • Paddle and Brick L-2
  • Advance Projects: - Toxic Chemical
  • Toxic Chemical L-2
  • Astro Cat
  • Spirograph pattern - Pen Extension
  • Astro Cat L-2
  • Quiz
  • 3D Shark - My Blocks , Pen Ext
  • Quiz L-2
  • Make a Melody
  • Make a Melody L-2
  • Hurdle Race
  • Hurdle Race L-2
  • Hurdle Race L-3
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Memory Game
  • Memory Game L-2
  • Ludo
  • Mario
  • Video Sensing Projects: Hit the sprite with sensing, Piano
  • Selfie with camera, catch the stars, Drum playing

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