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    WordPress Does Not Provide Any Certification: What is the Solution for that?

    It’s been 11 years of releasing WordPress. During this 11 year WordPress has gained a huge popularity of developers due to its plugin system, theme system and simplicity. The Popularity of the WordPress is very obvious from the number of developers who are using it for developing an application. 19% of developers derive their selection on WordPress for developing any web application. This is a huge achievement for WordPress.

    The popularity of WordPress has raised the competition. WordPress is competing with Apple and Microsoft in the web developing field. Apple and Microsoft both are providing certification to the experts by assessing their expertise in programming. On the other side, WordPress yet not has revealed any news about any certification. Today no doubt there would be a large group of WordPress developers, but it’s been difficult to pick out the best among them.

    What problems organizations facing with WordPress developers?

    Developers who have complete knowledge in PHP overlook to learn WordPress Coding standards, but they never know that it leads problem while developing any project. Due to partial knowledge of WordPress standards, they get stuck with WordPress bugs. Sometimes, they use themes by downloading it from any theme website, but not able to convert in the WordPress theme. Such issues lead the problems for organizations concerned with time and money. They have to spend more money on the WordPress support than the project.

    How to identify good WordPress developers among all? As WordPress is not providing any certification, which helps organizations in recognize expert developers. This has raised the difficulties of Organizations as well good developers. Organizations are not identifying a better programmer, whereas good programmers have no certification to prove their expertise.

    What is the Solution of it?

    Tops technologies has designed a WordPress certification course program for WordPress developers and students to provide comprehensive training in WordPress. The course design for the WordPress certification is equivalent to the courses of the Microsoft certification program. This exam offers the best assessment of developers and students which includes 3 exams of practical and theory. First two exams are of 50 marks, whereas Final exam consist of 100 marks. Know more about the WordPress certification course. (link)

    How WordPress certification course will be beneficial to WordPress Developers?

    • When you enroll with certification course we focus on giving a thorough knowledge on every WordPress standard.
    • You get the real time environment with hands on a WordPress project to improve your skills.
    • The exam pattern is equivalent to the exams of Microsoft and Apple certification program which focus on the corners of every topic.
    • The tough exam pattern urges you to focus on every single corner of the subject.
    • Course content covers all the significant features of WordPress like plugin system, custom content type, theme system and application framework where you will learn how to add plugin and customization of the plugin, how to install a theme and how to set the theme, how to do theme modifications.

    How it will impact on Organization if you holds WordPress certifications?

    • Organizations can easily recognize the skills of the developer and can match it with the organizational skills framework.
    • Developers with certificate are more likely to organizations as they have the skills to cope with issues which arise during development.
    • Organizations believe that certified developers have thorough knowledge of Subject and they can deploy advanced features in their project development.
    • Organizations believe that certified developers are more reliable for a completion of project within deadlines.
    • Organizations feel that the products delivered by certified developers give higher satisfaction to consumers and clients.

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