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    Will Learning PHP Give You the Required Boost in Your Career?

    Talking about PHP, many students or freshers have several wrong notions in their minds. Many of them think that PHP is in demand only in Gujarat and a few other states, while a lot of them consider it as a common language which most of the students prefer learning these days.

    PHP development is often misunderstood to be a low growth job profile where the professionals get career growth very slowly and in lesser increments as compared to other job profiles like that of a Java developer or DB developer etc. Many of them are into thinking that PHP is very easy to learn and moreover any graduate can learn it and become a PHP developer. Often in a debate, for example if it is to opt between Java or PHP for profession, Java leads the decision.

    But, clearing all these wrong notions of PHP, i would like to advice freshers to go for learning PHP as this is a highly demanding programming language and web development technology preferred by the companies not only in India but also across the world. PHP is a globally demanded web development technology which is continuously rising in global job trends as per the recent statistics in a report on internet. Added to this number of web development companies offering PHP development services are rapidly popping up and hence creating number of employment opportunities to the freshers as well as experienced professionals across the IT industry.

    PHP is an open source and cost effective web development technology with lot of openings across various IT companies globally. It is a misconception that this is a common language learnt by many. But this is not the case in fact very less people thinking in the same way are not opting for PHP and hence this is creating need for PHP developers in the market.

    Many of the students have concerns regarding the job security and quite often ask the counselors about the future or job safety in the near future with PHP as an option for  profession. Java is a better job in terms of job security is what many of them end up thinking. But this is not so. PHP too is a secure job with a good demand in the international market just like Java. Moreover technologies keep on emerging and falling and hence no technology has guarantee to have the same demand in the near future as that of the present. So do not think so long and just see the present while  taking your decision. It would be a wise idea.

    Moreover even PHP developers today are being offered the higher range of salaries as any other developer would be given in the IT industry. No doubt initially you might not get such an attractive salary but with developing experience and skills you for sure can gain the best salary packages in the industry. So have patience and get into the field to make the best of your career by learning PHP.

    One of the best ways of learning PHP is to join a PHP training company that can offer quality PHP training backed with live projects, industrial workshops and seminars. This would give better understanding of PHP technology and also develop your skills in the technology. With live project training you will get to work on real-time PHP projects that will prepare you for the job.

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