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Who are Eligible to be an Android Developer?

What is Android?
Android is a base getting installed by millions of mobile users across more than 190 countries. In technical terms: Android is an operating system used in mobiles which come under the type of the Linux operating system. The most significant characteristic of Android is it functions on open source platform.

What is the Job of Android Developers?

Android developers are the experts who develop applications and games using Java or C# programming language. Job role of the android developers is to keep inventing exclusive feature based applications those are likely to Android users.

Android developers can create an application themselves and can place in the open marketplace or can work in team at any company who is developing android games and applications.

Who are Eligible to be Android Developer?

Holding a degree in any IT correlated technical field is the primary concern to be an Android developer that is something like you are having a passport that permits you to go abroad. You must hold degree in the following IT field or pursuing in the following field.

  1. B.E (Bachelor of Engineering in IT or Computer )
  2. B. tech ( Bachelor of technology in IT or Computer )
  3. B.C.A (Bachelor of Computer application )
  4. M.C.A ( Master of Computer application )
  5. B. Sc I.T ( Bachelor of Computer Science )
  6. M. Sc I.T ( Master of Computer Science )
  7. Diploma in IT or Computer

The secondary concern to be an Android developer is like: to go abroad, you need to qualify for a visa. It shows that you are eligible to go abroad. Same way you need to have a strong grip on C# or Java to start up with Android development. Why you need to have knowledge of these languages and what other knowledge you should have to be an eligible to learn Android development click here.

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