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What Should they be Analyzed Before they Choose a Wrong Career?

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Niral Modi

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2023

Students that have graduated in 2013 and 2014 and still not able to find a job - what should they be analyzed before they choose a wrong career. Students who stepped out the college before one or two years, but still have empty hand are most conscious job seekers. They have their dream job in their mind, but empty hands force them to bury their dream job and continue with whatever they get. Is that a right decision? Getting the Job and getting the right job makes a lot of career perspective differences. If the career that you have selected is just the right job for you, it can give you a vivid future. But, a wrong selection at the starting edge can give you a lifetime struggle. At the end you need to switch your career path. What you lose by selecting a wrong career is your decisive career years. Just remember my words “The more you diversify your job search, the more likely you are to find opportunities that suit you.” And continue your efforts for getting the right job with my guideline that will help you to identify most suitable option which can optimize your career success. Know your strong side and weak side to choose the field. You must know what are the strong aspects those lying into you. If you have sharp eyes that scrutinize errors precisely, you should go with the QA career. If an innovative design is your strength you should go with web designing as your career. Just because you are not getting the job in Web designing, don’t push yourself for QA and vise versa. To check your strong side and weak side, go with the SWOT analysis. That is strength, weakness, threat and opportunities. Once you are clear with SWOT you will know your right career. Compare your strength and area of Interest. Once you have listed SWOT analysis result, Analyze your area of interest. Your career should be your interest. As “if your job is your interest, you will never have to work in your life.” So just check out your interest and match it with your strong side, what fits the best set your goal on it. Enhance your knowledge in the field of interest. It is not necessary that your interest match with your strong aspects. What would be the next step is to enhance your skills. Work on the technical and soft skills those are required to fit in your area of interest. For example, having an interest in QA can’t make you an expert in the software testing. You need to hone your skills by self study or joining any institution providing training in software testing. Don’t get confused with your career: Once you decide on the career path, you may be confused about the future scope for long term career. If you are not able to analyze the scope of your selective career, you can go to the career counseling. The career experts assist you to sort out your career perspective confusion. Don’t rush to any career counselor, find out good expert to get career counseling, after all it is a matter of long term career. Get the Certification in your career perspective technology: Getting the certification in your interested field would be advantageous for you to stand out among the potential candidate. Join any reputed Institution that provides you certification related to your career. After all going with the right career will bring a success in your life. If you are looking for Career perspective counseling I would suggest you TOPS Technologies, which is one of the reputed outsourcing, training and placement company that assists students by providing technology based training, career development training as well placement services. To get detailed information, visit your nearer TOPS Technologies centre.

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