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    Importance of W3C Validation

    W3C abbreviated for World Wide Web Consortium, is the international community to set internet web standards for the website. Prior launching of any new website it must be validated by W3C and once the website is passed by W3C validation test it is considered an error-free and perfect website leading to good impression for visitors.

    W3C validation is a must for a successful website launch. One can consider W3C validation is a part of the web design learning. It is a kind of progress report issued by web authority stating that the website under test is error free and is perfect in terms of web standards. With its important features and facilities, W3C test is a great way to ensure that your website has the highest quality of web pages that are error free. It increases the success of website and website can be called a professional website as well as web professionals.

    The benefits and need for W3C validation are as follows:

    Quality website and a good sign of professionalism: W3C is accepted as an official measurement standard to determine website format and style. It measures the structure quality of every web page and thus the website that has passed W3C test is considered as a high quality professional website that covered all the web standards required for building a strong and professional website.

    Debugger tool: Website design performance depends on HTML plus CSS coding. If CSS and HTML coding is not error free than there might be problem so utmost care must be taken while coding. But in some cases, even though the coders take deep care in coding, there might be some HTML and CSS errors which will be difficult to point it out. In such case, W3C validation will be very helpful. W3C will debug those unexpected error and make sure that website runs smoothly on every platform.

    Browser compatibility: Browser-friendly website should be the motto for web developers. When W3C validation is succeeded then entire website is error free and it is browser compatible too. Another important point is that website will take less amount of time to load on different browsers and this is positive feature for the website performance.

    Create website work easily in the near future: Website is created considering that it will exist for a lifetime and not for a short phase. Even a minor change in browser version may influence the performance of the website. Today the website launched will be running fine but tomorrow it may show very poor performance. So to avoid such conditions, W3C validations provided a great support and thus guarantee that the website will continue to run with same quality performance in the near future for all the web browsers latest versions.

    Safeguarding website: As coding for the website is done mostly in HTML and CSS languages, it will be easy to maintain the code for reference in near future too. After passing W3C validation maintenance of the website will be easy even though coding part may not be done by developers or someone else.

    Multiple device user-friendliness: The mobile net is on high demand as there are more users who operate internet on different mobile devices including iPhone, smart phones and much more. With crazy demand for mobile usage, website developers have to develop website that is supported in every mobile device with all its features. W3C validation makes sure that every web page is user friendly as well as mobile friendly. This is the most important advantage of W3C validation because mobile internet usage is on high demand and if the website owner wants daily unique visitors for their website then this factor can’t be neglected and it also tribute to great role for importance of W3C test.

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