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    Top Interview Questions & Answers for Graphic Designers

    Graphic designers are in huge demand as they play the most important role of giving a product, a service or even an organization an image that customers will relate and identify with. To be a skilled graphic designer, you must take a formal graphic designing training course online or offline from a reputed institute such as Tops International. The online graphic design course offered by Tops will give you hands-on training in using tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, etc. Furthermore, you will get the opportunity to undertake live projects, access to advanced programmes and soft-skills development training. Not only this, you will get a formal certification on completion of the course and will also get placement assistance from Tops.

    If you want to make a career in graphic designer, the first step to making your career is applying for a job and appearing for the interview. Here are a few questions that are commonly asked in an interview for graphic designers to help you prepare better:

    Top Interview Questions & Answers for Graphic Designers

    What is Colour Theory and Why Is It Important in Graphic Design?

    Colour theory is the science of understanding and using colours to create powerful graphics or visual material. Through this question, the interview aims at understanding your knowledge and experience at using colours to create impactful communication materials. Before appearing for the interview, make sure you go through the company’s website and understand their colour scheme. You could be asked questions regarding their colour scheme, so it will be advantageous to have your background information ready. You can also share one of your experiences with your interviewer to explain how you used your sense of colours to design a unique product for them. You can also go through your graphic designing training course to refresh your knowledge of the colour theory before appearing for the interview.

    What Are Some Graphic Designing Tools That You Are Familiar With?

    Besides having an artistic bent of mind, graphic designs must be familiar with the latest technological tools used for designing. The most common tools used for designing in the current industry include Photoshop, Illustrator, GIMP, Inkscape, CorelDraw, Adobe InDesign, Serif Draw Plus, Xara, Xtreme, Coral Paintshop and Coral Photoimpact. You will learn about the most relevant tools on enrolling for graphic design classes with institutes such as Tops International. If you are familiar or adept with any or several of these tools, share with your interviewer about how you have used the tool or tools to create graphics for your client.

    What is 3D Graphic Art and How Is it Useful for a Designer?

    3D Graphic Art helps a designer visualize space and the final look of a certain product. These illustrations are usually for movie animations and video games. With 3D graphic art, a designer can make accurate drawings and eliminate gaps and loopholes. The biggest advantage that 3D Graphic Art offers is this accuracy and fine detailing that help a designer create perfect designs. If you wish to pursue a career in graphic designing and equip yourself with the latest and trendiest designing tools, you can learn graphic designing by enrolling for classes with Tops International.

    What Are the Components of Graphic Design?

    There are several components that go into graphic designing. There are seven key components that every designer should know and be familiar with. These include typography, scale, texture, space, colour, shape and line. A skilful graphic designer will know how to use each element in the right proportion to deliver exemplary designs that appeal to the client and the audience. The best graphic designing courses will take you through these concepts and components in detail.

    What is the Golden Ratio in Graphic Design Composition and Why Is it Important?

    There are a five basic component rules that every designer must follow. These include the single visual, Golden Ratio, the Z and F layout, focal point and grid design components. These components are a framework within which a designer creates his designs. The Golden Ratio is also known as Phi and a designer uses it to draw the focus of his audience on a certain point in his creation. The golden ratio is 1:1:61.

    How are UX, Visual and Graphic design different from each other?

    Although all of these are tools that designers use to create powerful visuals, they are different from each other. UX design is used for websites and designers use it to enhance a user’s experience. Visual designs on the other hand are used for visual communication of information.

    Graphic designing involves communicating with the audience graphically. Graphic designers include the seven components of designing in the process to create impactful creatives.

    These questions should help you prepare for your interview. If you wish to take a graphic designing training course online, you can reach out to Tops International, which is the leading name in online education for technical courses.

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