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Top Graphic Design Trends That You Should Know!

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Niral Modi

Last Updated: 16 Sep 2022

Whether you are an aspiring designer or a professional, it is vital to update your skills ever so often. While online graphic design courses teach you the advanced tools and techniques needed to make stand-out creatives, it is essential to keep track of what’s happening in the creative community. Here is a top selection of the latest graphic design trends that you need to know! Top Graphic Design Trends That You Should Know!

8 Trends for Graphic Designers to Make Their Designs Stand Out!

Trend #1: Using Monochromatic Effects

Monochromatic colouring is deeply rooted in graphic designing. The technique uses various variations of a single colour, shade, or tint. If you want a clean and sophisticated look, using monochromatic effects will help you achieve the desired results. By enrolling in online graphic design training, you can learn how to use a particular colour variation for creating harmonious and cohesive creatives. You can use them to highlight a font, image and work well for branding messages. There are limitless possibilities to play with monochromatic colouring schemes.

Trend #2: Promote Positivity Through Your Creatives

Most graphic designers get lost in detailing and lose the bigger picture. Many companies have shifted their focus from generic packaging to promoting positive messages through their packaging and branding campaigns. Customers are also becoming mindful of what they buy and how companies are carrying their social responsibilities. Designers integrate concepts, such as sustainability, connection with nature, wildlife protection, and many others into their illustrations, images, and other creative artwork. You can also use a broader concept to convey your creativity.

Trend #3: Retro Designs Are Back!

Top designers and companies have tapped into nostalgia marketing for making their branding campaigns. By learning the latest tools like Adobe Illustrator through a graphic design course, you can create a retro campaign to bring back the fun and passion of the 80s and 90s. With 3D objects, you can experiment with specific textures, colours, and patterns to make modern art pieces of graphic designing feel retro. Some popular nostalgia concepts include grunge effect, noise filters, retro-inspired fonts, and many more.

Trend #4: Making Designs With Gold Tones

Gold reigns supreme when making stand-out designs. A sprinkle of gold adds a luxurious feel to your project, making it eclectic and delicate. Adding muted gold colours, such as rose gold, is complimentary. On the other hand, brassy gold colours are great for highlighting. Online graphic design classes can help you use different highlighting techniques with gold to add texture and create graphic designs for websites, product design, and interior design.

Trend #5: 3D Typography

2020 welcomed a rise in the use of 3D typography. These typefaces let designers take their creativity to the next level. Using realistic lettering with 3D elements, such as animation, textures, and patterns, make a stunning and minimalist branding and marketing campaign. Through a hands-on graphic design course, you can learn how to create realistic typography using artistic symbols and go-to 3D techniques. Whether you want a creative design for a website, social media, or brochure, the possibilities to use 3D typography is endless.

Trend #6: Optical Illusions

The escapist and magical optical illusions are quite popular in the graphic design community. The use of earthy tones, natural textures, bright patterns, and more make optical illusions a favourite trend for graphic designers in 2021. Whether it is surrealism, futurism, or abstractionism, optical illusions move beyond traditional constraints. Designers can experiment with their ideas to make their creatives stand out. A graphic design course can help you work on versatile platforms such as Adobe Indesign, Photoshop, and others to help you apply these concepts.

Trend #7: Using Duotones and Gradients

In a sea of web and mobile app designs, duotones are attention-grabbing, unique, and used by almost every designer in the industry. Whether you want to design a logo or accentuate the UI element of your web applications, gradients are the go-to element for professionals. Online graphic design training can help you understand colour psychology to guide you through various illustration techniques.

Trend #8: Isometric Designs

Flat geometric shapes are outdated. Isometric designs that involve the use of 3D structures is more attention-grabbing. Isometric designs are in demand because they are consumer-oriented. If you are looking for a practical and functional design, isometric designs are minimalistic and offer a lot more perspective. Graphic design course can help you use isometric design in infographics and business designs that are consumer-oriented and practical.

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