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Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2022

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Last Updated: 17 Nov 2023

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Every year, we discover a new realm in digital marketing and bring it into our world. Apart from the basics of SEO, UX, PPC, and branding, we have looked into what this year has in store for us. According to research, marketers have estimated which strategies would garner the most revenue, boost your business’s revenue, and extend its reach.

These are the top digital marketing trends, according to market research.

Prioritize Video Marketing

Video marketing has been on the top of the list for years. With the mobile-centric content that is present with access to better mobile data, 5G, and connectivity plans, video marketing has dominated the market. The rise of video marketing has gained popularity because of its accessibility, i.e., everyone that has a phone can access the content.

This is why platforms such as TikTok have been surging in popularity around the world. TikTok provides only a few seconds to a minute to display your content. The short-form content allows for more audience retention than long Facebook or Instagram posts or long videos on Youtube.

Also, it is observed that video content is much more easily consumable. And with the audience’s short and fickle attention span, gripping them with video marketing becomes necessary.

Brands and companies who wish to appeal to a larger and primarily younger audience need to embrace the platforms like TikTok to increase their chances of reaching their target audience.

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Focus on Audience and Social Media Sentiment

Who is in the audience’s favor and who isn’t changes quite frequently, but the clutch of celebrity and influencer marketing has slowly been dwindling. Due to the numerous scandals of these influential figures, public opinion has shifted from the blind faith they used to have. For example, a couple of years ago, influencer marketing was one of their most successful strategies; not that it’s not successful now, but you as a brand will need to do extensive research before entrusting these figures.

If you do not focus on media sentiment and choose a questionable influencer, your brand will have a ton of engagement but of the harmful kind, the type you ideally want to avoid. So before anything, understand social media sentiment and see if the brand fits with them naturally or not.


Facebook is more than the app that your relatives use now. In October 2021, Zuckerberg introduced a transformational new phase called the Meta. The company also announced that they are developing something called the metaverse that will open new avenues in social media.

We are yet to find the entire scope of the metaverse, but it’s essentially a consistent environment where people can interact with one another, work, and play. This platform provides more possibilities to explore VR/AR marketing. Even though we do not know the extent of this metaverse, focusing on it can be used as being on a platform where its beginning stages allow you to understand more of the processing and make a mark quite early.

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User-Generated Content

User-generated content is an avenue that not many brands can utilize to their advantage, but it can have a massive impact. For example, have you seen the n number of Starbucks posts on social media or the “Shot on iPhone” billboard”? If you see these, it encourages the audience to create content for the brand to raise awareness. For example, the Starbucks' incorrect name spelling became a huge talking point. Thousand of users on social media started creating videos, taking pictures of the Starbucks cup, and sharing their experiences with their peers. The brand generated a buzz by utilizing its consumer base to create user-generated content about its brand.

You can also see this with iPhone; when they wanted to showcase their superior camera quality, they started a contest that allowed people to submit their photos, and within a few weeks, a judge picked the best ones. They are showcased on a billboard with iPhone branding. These users generate content to build a more genuine community between users rather than the company to the user.

Zero Click Searches

For years, the main goal was to reach the number one rank on Search Engine Result Pages but currently, the focus has shifted to enhancing the brand visibility by taking up position zero. What is it, you might be wondering? Position zero features a snippet from the top organic result. The featured snippet can be a paragraph, a few lines, a table, or a few points. Now, why is position zero so significant? Due to the rapid increase of mobile and voice-assisted searches, brands are now trying to rank for position zero by optimizing web pages. This provides a higher Click Through Rate and gives a boost to your organic traffic.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing will remain in 2022. Even with the level of distrust, this massive marketing option is not closing anytime soon.

Influencer marketing is a way for a brand to appear closer to the audience and more humane. There are multiple ways you can utilize influencers. The answer may not always be to obtain the most popular influencer but rather to capture an influencer who represents your brand value and covers your niche. This method allows the marketing to look more authentic, and customers are more likely to be convinced. There are many digital marketing training institutes that train people in various fields of digital advertising such as social media, content creation, search engine optimization etc.

With the multiple platforms, social media influencers have various ways to interact with the audience, such as Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, and more, with stories, posts, reels, etc.

A Boom in Social Commerce

Integrating shopping services with social media platforms has been incredibly beneficial as finding your ideal products has never been easier. Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok can see customers replacing brick-and-mortar counterparts. Due to the constant engagement of the younger audience with these social media platforms, it has been easier for brands to locate their target audience. You have an Instagram shop, TikTok with Shopify integration, the shop on Pinterest option, etc. This allows the consumer to find shoppable posts while browsing through their regular posts. Another bonus that works in the brand’s favor is the algorithm. When you see an ad on Instagram, it is most likely for the product you want to buy and not something completely foreign. Since the algorithm is aware of the audience preference, it pushes ads and shops accordingly, increasing the likelihood of purchase.

Delve into The World of Digital Marketing

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