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Top 10 Skills to Become a Qualified Ethical Hacker

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Niral Modi

Last Updated: 16 Sep 2022

Businesses across the world have slowly moved to cloud-based platforms for storing information. The adoption of cutting-edge technology by global businesses is a sign of progress but it has brought with it threats from miscreants and cybercriminals who target and steal valuable data. To tackle the situation, business owners across the globe are investing in building secure banks for their data and hiring individuals who have professional ethical hacking training also known as ethical hackers to protect them. If your ambition is to become a qualified ethical hacker, here is everything you need to know about the responsibilities of an ethical hacker and the skills you need to pick up in your ethical hacking course. Top 10 Skills to Become a Qualified Ethical Hacker

What Does an Ethical Hacker Do?

An ethical hacker is a cyber-security professional who tests and identifies loopholes in the information system of an organization. Ethical hackers look for loopholes in a system to identify the weak links that can attract an attacker. They also analyze and identify the kind of data that could be susceptible to a malicious attack. With newer technologies such as the Internet-of-Things and blockchains gaining popularity, the demand for ethical hackers is soaring across the globe. So what skills do you need to learn from ethical hacking training? Here's a look:

Excellent computer and programming skills

This may come across as obvious, but the fact is that an ethical hacker should have a clear understanding of the operating system, editing the registry and setting network parameters. He should also have formal training in different programming languages, especially Python, SQL`, C, C++ and Perl. You will learn about all of these if you enroll with Tops Technologies to learn ethical hacking.

Identify Malware

A good ethical hacker will have a thorough understanding of malware and its different types and versions that are currently in use. Hackers usually use malware to gain entry into an information system. An ethical hacker will use this malware to gain access to your information and identify threatened areas.

Understanding of Database Management Systems

Database Management Systems or DBMS is where all the critical information of an organization is stored. An ethical hacker should be skilled enough to make DBMS hack-proof. The ethical hacker must have a clear understanding of different database engines and data schemes to build a strong defence for the DBMS.

IoT Device Security

IoT has opened up the possibility of connecting multiple devices to the Internet. As a result, access points to any system have opened up for miscreants. This can pose a serious threat to your database. An ethical hacker is expected to have the skills and the tools that can keep miscreants away. You can learn about IoT device security by enrolling for an ethical hacking course with Tops Technologies!

Skilled at Linux and Cryptography

Most web servers run on Linux operating system which makes it imperative for an organization to check for loopholes in the system. Skilled ethical hackers are expected to have a thorough understanding of operating systems such as RedHat, Ubuntu, Fedora, etc. Also, an ethical hacker must be skilled in cryptography. Using cryptography, an ethical hacker converts a text message to a non-readable format to protect information from hackers during transmission. As a result, critical information relayed through communication between different people is protected. To learn ethical hacking and pick up these skills, you can enroll for an ethical hacking course in Ahmedabad!

Use of Social Engineering

Social engineering is a trick that is used by miscreants to cull out personal information. Phishing and Trojans are tricks that miscreants use to dig out confidential and personal information. A good ethical hacker are expected to replicate these tricks and identify loopholes.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Hackers use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to hack into systems and steal critical data. From mass guessing passwords to decrypting encrypted data, hackers can cause you a lot of trouble if they gain access to your system. A skilled ethical hacker will use AI to block and detect phishing attacks. A professional ethical hacker will undertake security diagnostics to identify malicious websites and links and filter them out. Tops Technologies is one of the most reputed ethical hacking institutes in the country for those who wish to become ethical hackers!

Web Applications

Ethical hackers must be skilled enough to monitor web applications and prevent cyber attacks. To do so, an ethical hacker must be skilled in software including HTML, JavaScript and PHP, which enables him to provide a database that protects an organization's information.

Wireless Technologies & Networking

Knowledge of wireless technologies such as WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPS can be extremely helpful to an ethical hacker. An ethical hacker adept at these can lay down a protocol for connection, authentication and restrictions on wireless technologies.

Critical Thinking and Trouble Shooting

Besides technical and practical skills, an ethical hacker is expected to have the vision to identify potential issues and troubleshoot the problems. Professional ethical hackers are pro-active so that they can stay a step ahead of cyber criminals. Wondering where you should learn ethical hacking? Tops Technologies can provide you with the best ethical hacking course!

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